How to Install, Upgrade, and Activate License

How to Install

Install Ninja Tables Video


To use NinjaTables, you need:
– WordPress 4.5 or later
– PHP version 5.4 or later

Installing and Activating NinjaTables

Installing NinjaTables is similar to any other WordPress plugins. Here are the steps:

  • Navigate to – WordPress Admin Dashboard → Plugins → Add New
  • Now, you can search for Ninja Tables, click install and activate
    Alternatively, you can download the .zip file and upload it from Add New plugin page. Then click install and activate
Install Ninja Tables Core Plugin from WordPress Repository

If you are installing the Pro version, visit My Account page after a successful purchase. Download the file, upload, install and activate. It’s very simple.

** Please Note: You will have to keep Ninja Tables even after you Download Ninja tables Pro. The Ninja Table Pro package just comes with the Premium Add-ons, which will not run if you remove Ninja Tables.

How to Update

Upgrading the free version is easy. Just go to your plugins and check if an update is available. If yes then click the update button then the plugin will be updated automatically.

For the pro version, We have implemented an automatic update from version 1.0.4. So if you are using version 1.0.4 or later then you can update your plugin similarly Ninja Table free version.

Update Manually:

  • Login your account
  • Download the NinjaTables Pro version
  • Go to your WordPress installation and deactivate and delete the Ninja Table Pro Addon
  • Install the new edition of the pro version and activate it.
  • That’s it
The Best Table Plugin ninja tables
Upgrade Ninja Tables Pro Manually
The Best Table Plugin ninja tables
Upgrade Ninja Tables Pro Automatically

How to Activate License

As per your purchase, Ninja Tables comes with various different types of licensing. Some of these licenses are for single websites, and some licenses enable you to use this plugin on multiple websites.

To activate the license, follow the steps below:

  • Initiate the licensing process by clicking on one of the following (Sidebar > Ninja Tables > Activate License or the notification above)
how to install ninja tables wpmanageninja
Activate License of Ninja Table
  • Type in the license key that you have received via email.
  • Or you can also retrieve the license key from your purchase history by clicking on the following link.
how to install ninja tables wpmanageninja
Enter License Key
how to install ninja tables wpmanageninja
Get License Key from
how to install ninja tables wpmanageninja
Get License Key from
how to install ninja tables wpmanageninja
Ninja Table Pro Add-On Activation Complete
Upgrade to Ninja Tables Pro
Upgrade to Ninja Tables Pro and make your tables more powerful
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