Ninja Tables Introduction

Ninja Tables is the most advanced, and modern table builder plugin on WordPress. You can easily build any type of HTML tables with its powerful column builder where you can specify how it will look on different devices. You donโ€™t need to know any HTML or CSS at all to create Table in your WordPress website anymore.

The Easiest Responsive Table Plugin on WordPress

Let’s quickly create responsive HTML tables to show thousands of data on your site. Its’ powerful search and ajax features will help your users to filter data easily. Ninja Tables comes with the best frontend table styles like Footables, Bootstrap 3, Bootstrap 4, and Symmetric UI.

Upgrade to Ninja Tables Pro
Upgrade to Ninja Tables Pro and make your tables more powerful

100+ Table Style

NinjaTables is shipped with 3 most popular CSS libraries with multiple color schema and table styles.
Here are a few styling options you can choose from, or mix different styles for a table:

  • Single Line Cells
  • Fixed Layout
  • Hover rows
  • Bordered table
  • Table Inverse
  • Striped rows
  • Compact Table

Plus, 10+ built-in color schema

It’s Blazing Fast!

NinjaTables works on everything from a single page. The backend is built on VueJS and VueRouter as SPA, so the experience will be smooth. From creating a table to configuring settings or add entries, importing from CSV, re-arranging columns everything feels real-time. No delay โ€“ because your time is precious! The frontend table rendering is even faster with minimal JS and CSS load. As AJAX was integrated for the frontend data load so it can handle thousands of table rows without affecting your page load time.

Easy Configuration Option

Designing Table columns and configuring responsive breakpoints is faster with our user-friendly column builder that lets you re-arrange the columns easily. Also, you can specify the data type for each column like single-line text, text area or HTML area where you will get WYSIWYG HTML editor.

Mobile Responsive Tables

Rendering tables in all kinds of devices are critical. Ninja Tables will solve this problem by placing certain columns in an in-row expandable area. You can control which columns will show in which devices easily and visually. Also, Ninja Tables have real-time sorting, pagination, searching features that work on all devices.

Export and Import Data

You can export your table in CSV or JSON format and save them in a safe place or you can take your table data and use them in any other program. So, your data will always be portable and safe. In the same way, you can import any table from CSV and JSON data sources.

Import Tables From Other Table Plugins

Already using other plugins for tables and have data with it? We have got you covered. In this plugin, you can easily import tables with data from other table plugins like โ€œTablePressโ€.


To show one of your tables in a post, on a page, or in a text widget, just embed the Shortcode into the post/page/text widget, where you want your table to be visible (the shortcodes can be found on the โ€œAll Tablesโ€ screen.)

Awesome Support

Get dedicated support from our awesome happiness managers and developers. And yes, itโ€™s completely free!

So, give this plugin a try and check the awesome powerful features and table styles, Let us know what you loved and what else you need more.

Upgrade to Ninja Tables Pro
Upgrade to Ninja Tables Pro and make your tables more powerful

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