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Ninja Tables version 3.0.5 has come up with a very special feature which is WP Post. Using this feature you can integrate your any post into your tables created by Ninja Tables WordPress plugin. Basically, this feature displays your posts in a tabular format on your page.

You can do a lot more using the plugin and you can apply tons of table configuration materials using this option. In fact, this option alone covers the functionalities of a unique plugin itself. But using Ninja Tables plugin, you can get all that without facing any hassle. Now, I am going to demonstrate all these functionalities step by step to make you understand.

With Ninja Tables’ built-in WP Post feature, you can fold up your WordPress page, post, woo-commerce products in a tabular format without installing any other add-ons like other plugins.

Let’s see how WP Post feature on Ninja Tables works. Suppose, we have some random blog posts or pages or any custom post type in WordPress.

Now, we are going to show these lists in a tabular format. To make this happen, go to the Ninja Tables sidebar. Click on the add table from the top right corner.

Next, click on WP Post from the pop-up window. Give your table title.

Choose your post type from the checkbox fields. In this case, you have to choose your post type correctly. If you are working with the post, you have to choose a post, if you are working with woo-commerce product, you have to select a product.

Just check your expected field type first. You can choose multiple field types according to your need. I am choosing a single field type here.

Move your selected post types from the left to right and proceed to the next.

Then you will see that all the all the properties of your post you just have selected a while ago.

These properties are like your table column. Choose the properties that you want to show in your table and move those from left to right. Here, you can set multiple conditions for your post properties if you want.

Relavant Link: To more about how to set condition, you can check out our Conditional Column Formatting video.

After setting all the configuration, save the setting when you are done. Here you will find your post is ready. Now, you can preview the output of the configuration.

Now, you will see that all the post items are included here. You can search any post from here, paginations are also available here.

However, there is one more excellent feature is available here in this part. If you have any permalinks like category or post tag in your table, you can click on it to sort out that kind of category or tag quickly without searching for it in the search bar option.

To find this option, you need to hit over the edit icon of the specific column of the Table Configuration tab. You also can do the same by clicking on the setting icon you will get hovering of each row.

But make sure that you set all the permalink action checked while editing your column in table configuration part.

If you check Link option for permalink, there will be another option will appear for extending the customization of your table.

If you want to add any additional field type and any additional column on this post, you can get the option in the top.

If you click on Edit icon, you will find the existing field types and properties, you can change and add more from the list.

 Moreover, if you want to add more columns on your existing table, you need to click on the add column button right to next Edit icon.

In the Add new column, you will get Dynamic Post Data Section that will provide you the most advanced options to configure the table.

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