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With Ninja Tables, you can customize and configure your tables with just a few clicks. Users don’t have to write CSS class to configure their tables. Here goes a list of the functionalities of each customization options Ninja tables offers:

Hover Rows:

If you want your table to be interactive, this can be a good option for you. Enabling this option adds a hover effect in your tables. That means, whenever a user is hovering their cursor over your tables, the cursor adjacent cell/row will be shown with a hover effect.

Bordered Table:

Long tables can be confusing if the cells are not separated. On the other hand, not all tables look good with borders. That’s why Ninja Tables comes with an option that enables you to create tables with bordered cells. At the same time, you can also remove these borders with just a click if it doesn’t look good.

Striped Rows:

To give your users a better visibility of your tables and improving UX as well, you can make your tables striped with Ninja Tables. This ensures that your audience doesn’t confuse between two adjacent rows while surfing through lots of data.

Compact Table:

This enables you to give your tables a compact view. If you are tabulating a huge amount of data, then this feature might come in handy for you.

Fixed Layout:

This feature enables you to utilize your tables’ space better. It automatically organizes the cluttered data and gives it an optimized look.

Single Line Cells:

Often we see long contents in table cells. Such contents break the regular format of the table and make it look odd. That is why you can enable the Single Line Cells to feature to make sure your table doesn’t look awkward. This feature makes sure your table cells are not getting bigger to allocate the data put in it, but adjusting the data to keep the table cells uniform. The whole data can be seen whatsoever, by clicking on the cell.

Customize Table Colors:

Sometimes you feel super zesty than your regular days. Or, you have this off the charts theme in your site and you want your tables to go along with it. Or you are simply bored of the color white, and tired of seeing white colored tables everywhere? No worries, from now on you can choose colors from the rainbow! Just zero in on a color that suits your purpose most in just a couple of clicks.

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Learn how to customize table colors here:

Table color customization by Ninja Tables

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