Ninja Tables Pro – The Fastest and Most Diverse WordPress Table Plugin

Your favourite WordPress Table plugin just got better! The Ninja Tables Pro unlocks amazing features strengthening the well-equipped arsenal of the Ninja Tables, best responsive table plugin for WordPress. Everyone knows tables are boring, but not anymore. Ninja Tables Pro is here to make Tables great again!

Add Media Using Ninja Tables

Adding media to your tables, be it images or any files, shouldn’t have to be a painful task. All you need is an editor, the most familiar WordPress editor, right? So, go on and adjust your table’s column configuration to have the data type to be “HTML field”. Voila! You’ll be able to add media from the UI. Simple, isn’t it?


Introducing Responsive Breakdowns

Tables that are designed for desktops and laptops often becomes a hassle for Tablets and Mobile devices. They become awkwardly wide, and requires side scrolling. With Ninja Tables, you can take total control over this hassle. Define which columns are to be shown in which devices, and which columns should be hidden for devices with smaller screens.

Your tables won’t look awkward in smaller screens anymore!

Don’t get stuck with boring white.

Sometimes you feel super zesty than your regular days. Or, you have this off the charts theme in your site and you want your tables to go along with it. Or you are simply bored of the color white, and tired of seeing white colored tables everywhere? No worries, from now on you can choose colors from the rainbow! Just zero in on a color that suits your purpose most in just a couple of clicks.

Don’t get stuck with the default white. Add colors as your wish.

Enhanced Table Styles

Styling your tables has never been easier. With Ninja Tables, you can style your tables beautifully and according to your need in just a few clicks, without writing a single line of code! From Bordered tables, striped rows to functionalities like Hover effect over rows- everything can be done just by toggling on the options.

Customize tables in just clicks! No coding required.

Default Data Filter

Don’t make your audience go through thousands of data rows. You select what you need to show your audience! With Ninja Tables, you can pre-filter rows that contains specific keywords. Advanced AND/OR options and phrase filtering allows you to enhance the usability of this feature. And all these can be achieved just by tampering the tableID shortcode, and not the table!


You don’t want to always limit the fluent experience of using Ninja Tables to the Admin users. And again, sometimes you need to restrict permission of who can edit your tables, and who can not. Now, don’t scratch your head, rather use the global permission settings under the Tools sub-menu in Ninja Tables. There you should be able to allow Ninja Tables to other user roles.

VIP Support

Every now and then you find yourself in a deadlock. You want something specifically that you cannot achieve with the Ninja tables. It’s alright, it happens to the rest of us too. Buying Ninja Tables Pro version moves you up to the elite users whose query and problems are our top priority. Without getting so much into technicalities, we can guarantee your issues to be resolved in no time.

Ninja Tables Client Support
Just give us a shout out whenever needed

Lifetime updates for Ninja Tables plugin

Not that we want to brag about our commitment, rather want to let you know, for the Ninja Tables Pro plugin you’ll get lifetime updates. And it’s not just a superfluous marketing term nor a technical trap to lure you out. Every time we fix a bug, adjust business logic or improve code quality- you’ll be the first in the line to get the updates.

Ninja Tables Unlimited Updates
Why miss out?!

Incremental Premium Features

Here is the most fun part of Ninja Tables Pro version. You won’t be stuck with the premium features that you have at the time of your purchase. Nope, we’re gonna develop new premium things more and more and eventually, those will be added here incrementally quite frequently.

So, what are you waiting for? Download Ninja Tables Pro version NOW!


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