Advanced Shortcode Usage

Basic Usage: 

To show your table you can use the following shortocode:

[ninja_tables id='YOUR TABLE ID HERE']

Advanced Usage of Ninja Tables Shortcode

Ninja Tables Pro Comes with handy shortcodes parameters where you can customize the features into the shortcode so you can show the same table in a different way on a separate page.

Available Shortcode Parameters:

Shortcode ParamenterDescription
per_pageYou can specify how many rows will show in ninja table’s per page
Value Type: Number
searchYou can enable or disable search bar
Possible Value: 0 or 1
sortingYou can enable / disable data sorting features 
Possible Value: 0 or 1
hide_headerYou can show / hide the header row
Possible Value: 0 or 1
logged_in_onlyYou can show a table only for logged in users.
Value: 0 or 1
( if value = 1 then table can be visible only for logged in users )
get_filterYou can set search filter from URL’s get parameter
Provide the filter name and then Ninja Table will filter the table data from your browser’s get parameter
filterYou can add filter parameter as pre-defined search value for the table
columnsYou can specify which columns key will show. Just specify the column keys as comma separated value then that columns will show only.


Please Note that, Advanced Shortcode is available only in Pro Version of Ninja Tables

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