Rows Drag & Drop/ Row Rearrangement with Ninja Tables

Not only can you rearrange the rows of a table by ascending/descending order, but you can also position them in any order you want. With the basic drag & drop feature of Ninja Tables, you can execute rearrangement tasks of your tables as smoothly as ever.

Check Sort Manually from the Table Rows tab of a certain table, and drag & drop your rows in any position you choose.

Here’s how the drag and drop of the rows can be done.

Rows Drag & Drop ninja tables wpmanageninja

And that’s how easy it is to rearrange the rows using Ninja Tables!

This Drag & Drop functionality is a Premium feature in Ninja Tables. Purchase Ninja Tables Pro license here:

Upgrade to Ninja Tables Pro
Upgrade to Ninja Tables Pro and make your tables more powerful
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