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Rows Drag & Drop/ Row Rearrangement with Ninja Tables

Not only can you rearrange the rows of a table by ascending/descending order, but you can also position them in any order you want. With the basic drag & drop feature of Ninja Tables, you can execute rearrangement tasks of your tables as smoothly as ever. Check Sort Manually from the Table Rows tab of […]

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Table Cloning / Duplicate a Table with Ninja Tables

Cloning is a great way to minimize the task. Ninja Tables comes with a feature of cloning your desired table. Now you can clone or duplicate any of your previously or just created tables with a single click. To make it possible, just go to All Tables and put the cursor over the table simply by […]

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Colspan / Cell-merge in Ninja Tables

This function allows for the integration of multiple neighboring cells into a single larger cell. To merge multiple cells in a row, you must give your cells a value as # colspan #, then the cell is merged with the subsequent cells. Please note that this function will operate with Advanced Table (Legacy) only. Look […]

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Table color customization by Ninja Tables

It’s very easy to efficiently customize color with the help of Ninja Tables. This is an awesome feature that lets you control the design of the table. How to customize the color of a table: Read this easy guide to learn how to customize an existing table’s color: At first, you have to set up […]

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Demo: Amazon Product Listing

We have developed a dedicated WordPress Plugin for Amazon Affiliates that enables you to create beautiful Product Listing Tables, Comparison Tables, Widgets and everything else you might need to boost up your affiliate revenue!Check out AzonPress, the best WP plugin for Amazon Affiliates.  The above demo was created using Ninja Tables pro version. If You […]

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Table Styling and CSS Selectors [Pro]

This tutorial is intended for Ninja Tables Pro users. If you are using Ninja Tables Free version this styling guide may not work for you. NinjaTables already has a ton of built-in styling options ranging from choosing any background color to the text color of your tables. We also added features recently where you can […]

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How to Create a League Points Table Using Ninja Tables

A Sports League Table can be created with the help of Ninja Tables. Which can be implemented quite simply. In order to do this, you just need to enter the Team names & add/edit their corresponding scores relative to the teams. In this easy guide, an English Premier League points table is used here as […]

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How to Install & Activate the Ninja Tables Plugin

Ninja Tables is the Best Selling WordPress table builder plugin with a user-friendly layout, easy-to-use settings, and an enticing front-end. Requirements To use Ninja Tables, you’ll need: WordPress version 5.6 or higher PHP version 7.1 or higher Installing and Activating Ninja Tables Installing Ninja Tables is similar to any other WordPress plugin. Follow the steps given below […]

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Default Data Filtering (New)

We have just added some brand new features in Ninja Tables. We would like to thank Michael Maliniak, who submitted a support ticket and asked us to add this feature. The feature allows you to quickly and easily display just the rows you want to show by providing a simple filter text in the table shortcode. In this […]

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Add / Remove Search or Filter Functionality

Search or Filter functionality can be a lifesaver if your table contains a large amount of data. It can be a handy option for users as well even if your table is short and summarized. On the other hand, sometimes you might feel like removing the search option. The search option is set by default. […]

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Define Permission for Table Users

With Ninja Tables, you can easily define who can add or edit your tables. To change your Permission settings, go through the following steps: Go to Ninja Tables Tools (Global settings) from your WordPress Admin Panel. Click on Permission on the sidebar. Select the Permission Settings you are comfortable with from the Checkboxes. You can […]

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Configure Responsive Breakpoints (Expandable Table) for WordPress Tables

Responsive Breakpoints The Ninja Table Plugin comes up with a powerful feature, where it helps users to show data in a table format using six distinct breakpoints. The device widths are all set at their exact values suitable to your target. This feature helps to ensure your tables created on your site are responsive. Here’s […]

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Import Table from TablePress Plugin

You can import current tables from other WordPress Plugins too, besides importing tables from CSV/JSON files. Find the “Import Other Tables” option under the “Import table” option. Step-1: Go to Dashboard-> NinjaTables -> Tools in order to import tables from the TablePress Plugin. Step-2: Look for the Import Other Tables option below the Import Table […]

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Export Data from Ninja Tables

It is quite easy & straightforward to export data from your table with the help of Ninja Tables. This plugin is designed to make things simpler for the users & improve the overall user experience. Read this easy guide to learn how to export data using Ninja Tables.  First, navigate to All Tables in the […]

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Import Table Data from CSV

Current CSV and JSON files can be uploaded as tables with the help of Ninja Tables. Go to the Import Table menu, and press the “Choose File” button. Choose the CSV and JSON file which needs to be uploaded. Click the Import button and then you’re good to go! Ninja Tables is going to do […]

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