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11 Best WordPress Payment Plugins – the Biggest Compilation on the Internet

Best WordPress Payment Plugins

This is the most beneficial list on the entire web on the best WordPress payment plugins. Enjoy and share!

As we’re going to talk about the biggest compilation on the best WordPress plugins, we’ll cover all the plugins exist out there. But, wait for a second. We’ll not include anything garbage or humdrum. Only those products will stay on our list that have solutions to our problems, that add true value to our business. Not all products mean to be enlisted here but only the quality ones will make their entry.

Before going into deep, let’s make it clear first: for whom this post is made. Not everyone wants to know about best WordPress payment plugins unless they don’t need it for their business. Talking about business, every enterprise has its own way of satisfying customers. When it’s about setting up a payment system for your shop, there are several options available.

What we cover in the post

Best WordPress Payment Plugins

Why you need the best WordPress payment plugins

Every business of the earth shares one common goal which is earning revenue by selling its service or products. Following the modern trend, businesses are now run online and the models vary from the traditional ones. While selling online, it’s a crucial question: ‘how to get paid?’

Best WordPress Payment Plugins

That’s the scenario where the best WordPress payment plugins come with their solution. Besides selling products, online payments also include donations and subscriptions. Therefore, the source of payments may be in different places. Wherever they are coming from, your site should have a robust system to take them.

The system should also contain PayPal recurring payments because it makes the payment easier while people need to pay regularly. No doubt, a WordPress subscription payment plugin can meet a lot of your requirements. That’s why we’re creating this guide to help our readers to find the right solution for their online store.

Before choosing these plugins, we scrutinized them to find out the right fit to this list. Why are we claiming that these are the best WordPress payment plugins?

  • Firstly, all are available at zero costs. Some of them have paid version and you can try them out for extended facilities.
  • Secondly, these plugins already took users’ attention and got enormous praise. They all have got maturity with several updates after the release.
  • Thirdly, with a little technical knowledge, anyone can get started with one of these plugins because they are easy to use and have no complications.
  • Lastly, to establish the perfect payment option in your website these plugins offer what you require – an effortless, smoother payment system. 🔝

Stripe or PayPal – what you need

Best WordPress Payment Plugins

To enable payment option in your website, you need to get help from a payment gateway. Among plenty of gateways, Stripe and PayPal have got the most attention. Most of the eCommerce websites use either Stripe or PayPal or both. So, when you’re going to select a plugin for your business, be sure it supports your favorite payment gateway.

A simple technique to choose the right payment gateway is to check out the countries and currencies it supports. All the best WordPress payment plugins we enlisted here are based on Stripe and PayPal. If you want to use Stripe then go for the Stripe WordPress plugin, else choose PayPal-supported products.

As you run businesses globally, you need a payment processor that accepts global payments. PayPal and Stripe both options were introduced to enable payment processing on your website. In terms of accepting payments, PayPal accepts from 200 countries whereas Stripe supports 25 countries only.

Stripe can process over a great number of 135 currencies but PayPal can’t do more than 25 currencies right now. So, what do you need more? If your customers live in many countries while they make the transaction within a limited choice of currencies then choose PayPal.

On the other side, if the currency matters for your business then go for Stripe. Before making the decision, we suggest you to analyze the customer’s data. It’s not hard to find where are your customers coming from. Go to Google Analytics and look for the breakdown of the traffic stats.

However, we have an elaborate article on Stripe vs PayPal. You can read this out to enrich your knowledge base. 🔝

Best WordPress Payment Plugins – the List is Here

As mentioned once before, this list contains the free plugins and some of them also offer premium option. If you can stay with the free version then go for it. Otherwise, level up the license where it’s available and needed.

Let’s scroll down and enjoy the reading!


WPPayForm is built to make the payment processing easier. Alongside the uncomplicated user interface, this plugin also educates its users with clear guidelines. To establish a complete payment solution to your shop, WPPayForm has brought it all. Stripe integration is available on the free version, whereas the premium copy includes PayPal as well. The plugin is full of prolific features and six starter forms will lead the way. There’s more. Going inside, 22 input fields, tabular products, instant reporting, and custom amount will amuse you besides other enticing options.

Best WordPress Payment Plugins

Note: WPPayForm has a dedicated, information-rich landing page on its parent website. After checking out the pro features, you can visit the documentation section to learn how to operate the tool. The price of a single site license is $59 for a year. The unlimited lifetime license is a superb option (which is less than all other plugins in the industry!) 🔝

Stripe Payments

Stripe Payments is an awe-inspiring plugin that has many powerful features to process the cards for accepting payments on your website. Using the famous Stripe payment gateway, this plugin has brought all the things you require for establishing a successful payment system. Putting Buy Now button from Stripe is easy to place because of the shortcode. Accept donation alongside other payments, as well. One of the great user experiences is remembering cards for quick payments in the future. Customers can see the details of the transaction they just made after completing checkout.

Best WordPress Payment Plugins

Note: This plugin has no paid option currently. On the other side, it has a dedicated website where you can see the detailed documentation, support and contact option, and searching facility. What we have noticed that they maintain a long list of addons to utilize with the plugin. 🔝

Contact Form 7 – PayPal & Stripe Add-on

As a WordPress lover, you’re supposed to know about Contact Form 7. It’s been widely used to make contact form easily in WP websites for years. Although this fascinating product remains open-source there are many plugins built upon this system. The PayPal & Stripe Add-on is a splendid inclusion to this list. Bear in mind that you need to have already installed Contact Form 7 in your website (if you haven’t earlier). The pro version holds more attractive features than the basic version. You can connect multiple items from CF7, send emails for payment completion, and charge for shipping – all in the pro version. The basic add-on is okay for a starter project.

Best WordPress Payment Plugins

Note: The yearly price of the single site license is $59.95 whereas the cost of a single site license for lifetime is $139.95. To see the pro version, you need to visit their official site. There you can see the live demo and ask pre-sale questions, too. Furthermore, 30-day money-back guarantee is also available. 🔝

WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway

Here’s another beautiful solution to Stripe payment system. If you’re looking for a product which is superb yet friendly, advanced yet useful, and above all free, then choose this one. You can allow users with various cards like Apple Pay and Alipay if this plugin is activated on your site. It also has the paid option and you can avail more exciting features from there. Refund facility, converting currency, and saving cards are some of the benefits found only in paid selection. The easy setup system of WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway is another bold reason to choose by the novice users.

Best WordPress Payment Plugins

Note: Their license costs $59/year for a single site with 30 day money back option. To understand more about the plugin, read the documentation. They highlighted Apple Pay and Alipay and both of them are integrated via Stripe. 🔝

WP Simple Pay

WP Simple Pay comes with an admirable solution for making the payment system more user-friendly. You can conveniently integrate the plugin to your website to accept payments from various cards processed by Stripe. With a myriad of smashing features, you can establish the right way to accept payments from customers. In the free copy, you can enjoy multi-language options and easy setup besides creating unlimited forms and support from Stripe Connect. Custom fields, coupon codes, subscriptions integration, and customized payment confirmation details are available if you get the pro version.

Best WordPress Payment Plugins

Note: WP Simple Pay has a dedicated website and it’s definitely a pricey tool with $99/year for a one-site license. Not only it costs way higher than the industry standard but it doesn’t have the PayPal integration also. A no-risk 30 day money back option is available with the product purchase. The informative and well-ordered documentation should be mention especially. 🔝

Direct Stripe

Direct Stripe is a free WP payments tool with intuitive design and cool features. Another notable function of this plugin is you can set up the role of someone after they subscribe. Especially keeping the non-techies in mind, Direct Stripe displays the instructions to use the plugin with no pain. The easy to place buttons, charging users during their stay on your site, and automated emails – you can experience a lot of sophisticated options. Also, this payment plugin is Gutenberg ready. Other than that, you can customize the button appearance and include GDPR checkbox.

Best WordPress Payment Plugins

Note: This is 100% free plugin with no pro version and no dedicated website. However, this plugin looks simple and it works that way. You shouldn’t expect much features from it but it has enough to accomplish the basic needs. 🔝

PayPal Plus for WooCommerce

As we promised at the beginning, we’ll cover both Stripe and PayPal when choosing the best WordPress payment plugins. PayPal Plus for WooCommerce is a free yet beneficial tool to collect money via your site. If you want to sell something on your website but got stuck because of not getting the right plugin then here’s your answer. PayPal offers a bunch of services as named PayPal, Direct debit, and more. PayPal Plus has the ability to take payments with all the PayPal methods. Even PayPal’s iFrame is loaded on the checkout page which shows all the services of PayPal.

Best WordPress Payment Plugins

Note: This plugin was built by a German company for the German PayPal Plus users. Customers who have their registered office in Germany can use this service. For international transactions, you have two options to swipe for: PayPal and Credit card. Their website is built upon German language and doesn’t contain any detail information about the plugin. No premium option available, by the way. 🔝

WordPress Stripe Plugin

To insert the Stripe payment system in your website, this tool brings an easy and effective way. By implementing a simple shortcode, you can present the payment form which is ready to accept payments from your customers. Likewise, credit card holders will find a great way to pay for the services you offer through your site. Accepting donations to your site and supporting unconventional payment methods (Bitcoin, Alipay) are two of the prime features of this plugin. From collecting customer’s billing address to mobile-ready user experience – WordPress Stripe Plugin has it all.

Best WordPress Payment Plugins

Note: No paid version’s attached to this plugin, nor it has a dedicated website. If you visit the official site, you will get a little more information than that described on the wp.org. 🔝

YITH WooCommerce Stripe

It’s based on Stripe so you can enjoy all the benefits originally Stripe provides for its users. Fraud protection, global payment collection, uncompromising security, and more other benefits are found with Stripe. This plugin makes sure everything harmonizes with Stripe’s principles. Another option, which is not easily found on all plugins, is saving the user’s cards. Once they made any payment they don’t need to insert their data again. Decline the cards that have a record of rejection in the past. YITH WooCoommerce Stripe is surely a tool for growth.

Best WordPress Payment Plugins

Note: A paid version is available for this plugin which is hard to find on their parent website under a bunch of WooCommerce-based plugins. However, the single site license costs €69.99 for one year. The documentation is okay if you’re able to find it. We must say that they have a crazy collection of WooCommerce based plugins.

WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart

WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart made shopping with PayPal fun and comfortable. Let’s choose it from WordPress repository and apply to your core business. Now you can implement an Add to Cart button to your eCommerce site on every single page or post. Selling products from your site will face no more obstruction because now you can attach PayPal as a payment method. Hence, you can turn a blog site into a revenue-generating machine. Users also can update their shopping cart by adding more items or removing from existing products. Moreover, they can change the quantity of their products besides checking out what’s in the cart. 🔝

Best WordPress Payment Plugins

Note: It’s a completely free WordPress plugin. The video tutorials show what beautiful things you can do with the plugin on their main website. No documentation page and no independent site yet that page described a lot. 🔝

PayPal Donation

As the name suggests, this plugin is a perfect tool to collect donation. Set PayPal Donation on your website if you wish your users to donate against your products or services. Anywhere on the website, you can place a nice PayPal donation button so that users can see it and interact if want. PayPal or Credit cards, users can use both to donate their desired amount to you. This plugin is simple to use and easy to integrate in your site. Let your admirers all over the world pay to you as a token of love and appreciation. Before starting the official selling, you can check out everything on the demo.

Best WordPress Payment Plugins

Note: WPPlugin make their plugins (actually add-ons) based on Contact Form 7. You have already seen a plugin above for Stripe and PayPal. Here, this plugin works a little differently. It’s for making the donation process easy and comfortable. The pro version is available on the main site with money-back guarantee. 🔝

In the end

Before closing the best WordPress payment plugins, we want your attention to let you know which plugin is the best. Considering the feature list in the free version and smoother usability, WPPayForm is the winner. Even you will support our opinion if you start using this plugin.

Best WordPress Payment Plugins

Let’s take an action right here. Go to wordpress.org and get WPPayForm – the best Stripe WordPress plugin. Use it for a few days, get to know what it holds inside, and then justify our comment. We want to remind you once again, you need to buy the pro version if you need PayPal integration.

What’s most important is incorporating a payment plugin to start accepting money by selling products. From that point, you can avail any of those best WordPress payment plugins we have described here. One thing you need to assure through your web presence, via your payment system, is adding value.

WPPayForm - Best WordPress Payment Plugins

It can be portrayed confidently that adding a payment system is no more a convoluted job. Finally, what WPPayForm offers and how it stands out from the crowd, to know all about it, take a look at this post. Similarly, you can know more about from this list of free WordPress plugins for payments. 🔝

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