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Create An Amazing Website with Science-X WordPress Education Research Theme

Science-X WordPress Education Research Theme

Researcher websites are not like what we usually see on the theme markets. The usual design of the top WordPress themes covers a lot of things or multiple niches – to be exact. If you buy a theme, it gives you an opportunity to create websites for various purposes. But, that’s not what exactly researchers want. They’re not business persons, and they don’t want to organize their site for visitors from all walks.

Likewise, a scientific laboratory also requires a theme that’s well-equipped and highly personalized for its website. In that case, almost all WordPress themes – wherever it’s found, on ThemeForest or other marketplaces, fails miserably to offer what a researcher or a scientific group is looking for their websites.

What more painful is, researchers don’t have the time to get skilled in web technology, and they find it a real hard job to build a site without seeking help from others.

Due to the difficulties stated above and beyond, our team arduously crafted Science-X WordPress theme to figure them out and provide an unforgettable experience for the professors, researchers, scientists, and laboratories.

It’s an avant-garde web building tool culminated with precision and ease of customization. Not only the elegance but the functionality, as well, gives you an incredible pleasure to show your works to the world.

Let’s dive into the reasons for using this theme and how to install it and customize it in your way.

Why Science-X?

Science-X WordPress Education Research Theme

Yes! The question may arise that why should one use Science-X when there are heaps of options of the same category out there in the market? The answer is pretty simple and straightforward: other WordPress themes might not fulfill all your requirements as Science-X do. I have already mentioned above that other themes that claim to be built for research group laboratory websites are not actually capable of fulfilling your purposes.

First of all, people who deliver researcher or professor WordPress themes don’t know the exact need for researchers, what really they want on their site to display and what functionality a theme must hold. Before getting started with the theme building, our team got through extensive research on what the real researchers’ websites contain. Not only that, they talked to the researchers about what should be kept on a website like that.

As a result, they explored the chasm what all the other vendors missed carelessly. In the plethora of features, the Journal/Article along with Conference are the prominent inclusions what a research website must include. While other themes are concerned only about the trivial design matters like tabs, buttons, and tables Science-X only care about the necessity of the researchers.

Moreover, the¬†theme contains myriad of features and functionalities especially designed and developed for the researchers and the educational purposes. And, our painstaking efforts made hundreds of researchers smile all over the globe. The happy customers are satisfied because they didn’t have to go through an excruciating process that needs in-depth technical knowledge of web development.

You’ll get all the other features what a regular WordPress theme comprises in addition to the niche-specific benefits.

How to Use the Theme

On a quick note, building a website with Science-X theme requires only your contents. Theme customization is too simple to worry if you are not having web knowledge let alone coding experience.

Let’s walk you through the step by step process of installing this impeccable WordPress theme.

Step 1 – Download & Installation

Download the Science-X first, from our official site or the light version from WordPress.org. Now go to your WordPress dashboard and upload the zip file from Appearance>Themes. Click on the Activate button and it will be activated and then take you to the customization screen.

Step 2 – Activating the Theme

After installing the theme, you can activate the theme to start using.

Step 3 – Customize the theme as you need

Activate the theme, you can start using through customizing the theme. To learn more about the user guide click here for the theme documentation part.

The Education Theme for  Research Groups, Researchers, or Professors

In WordPress, it’s probably the hardest task to find out a theme that absolutely fits for the professors and the research groups. Keeping the issue in consideration, we introduced the Science-X Theme to meet all the requirements for the research team and the professors. If you are looking for a specialized WordPress theme to develop a website for research purpose or professors,¬†Science-X¬†would be a great solution as it’s the exact education theme you should be driving for.

There is a large number of Educational WordPress themes available in the marketplace, but none of those could be used to develop a website for a research group. Most of them are built for school and college websites, but not for specifically any research group or professors. To fill up the gap, we have developed Science -X, the most user-friendly WordPress education theme for the researchers and the research groups who are constantly working hard to make our world a better place.

A Preview of Science-X’s Appearance

Let’s have a first-hand look at how Science-X run website looks like. This theme is like the cloak that adorns the contents of your website. The content would only be as attractive as its theme allows it to be. You can get such a result using the Science-X theme. You can place your contents on the most visually impressive of pedestals for your readership to enjoy.

Science-X WordPress Education Research Theme

Now you can create a website like the one in the preview shown above takes a quite a bit of ability and this simply can make happen with just a few clicks using the Science-X WordPress theme.

The Features and Benefits of Science-X

Science-X comes with a lot of dynamic features and functionalities for its users. Every feature and functionality is developed keeping in mind the UX in particular. The theme is most user-friendly with huge numbers of versatile usage. Now, I am discussing the topmost ingredients you can have using the theme:

Unique Design

Science-X WordPress Education Research Theme

Science-X¬†education theme is designed carefully dedicated to the research group and the professors. Data-driven content research by the web development experts on hundreds of genuine websites presented with state-of-the-art web design makes it obvious choice if you are aiming to develop a research-related or professor’s website. This profoundly designed WordPress theme for research groups, professors comes with the following pages or design components:-

  • Highlighted Projects
  • Researcher Citing Highlight
  • Researcher Group Introduction
  • Publication Index
  • Journal Paper Index
  • Books Index
  • Timeline Option to Present Academic Achievements and Certifications
  • Research Details
  • Fun Facts
  • Quick Summary
  • Video Summary Section
  • Events Page
  • Join Research Group/Apply for Research Contact Form

To be honest, Science-X is like a complete website already designed and developed for you. All you have to do is put your information and contents relevant to you (Logo, Texts, Images, and others) and host it on a server.

Reasons Why Science-X Stands Out

Like I have said earlier that you can hardly get any full-fledged WordPress theme that completely suits for the professors and the research purposes, this collection of the theme is completely one of its kind. If you search for this category specifically, you may find a very few; but most of them are way too generic and designed for the educational institution that hardly fulfills the purpose of the research groups and professors. On the other hand, Science-X is a well created educational WordPress theme specially crafted for the researchers and the professors. The theme bears notable rare qualities as a whole. Now, some of the unique qualities of this theme are given below:

1. Special Publications Section

Science-X WordPress Education Research Theme

One of the significant parts of the theme is the PUBLICATIONS part which can be used to showcase various published works. University professors can publish different types of books and research-related publications.

Science-X WordPress Education Research Theme

There is a part for journal articles in the PUBLICATIONS which can be used to index the journal articles. The researcher can present a list of the published journals in that section.

The last part of the PUBLICATIONS part is conference and talks. In that section, professors or researchers can publish the contents what they get from the conference talks or from any kind of seminar.

Science-X WordPress Education Research Theme

2. Research

Science-X WordPress Education Research Theme

As the theme is specially developed for research groups’ and professors’ websites, you can have a special design pattern which solely works for the research related purposes. You can customize the whole section as you need and put your relevant information. The theme is designed in a research-friendly manner that every researcher or professor needs to have for their research purpose.

3. Future Membership

Science-X WordPress Education Research Theme

Using this theme, the admin can have an option for adding a new member to the respective project. By default, you can hardly find any theme which gives you such an opportunity. Using this option, professors or the respective research team can communicate with or take in potential new members according to their requirements.

4. E-commerce Support

Science-X WordPress Education Research Theme

The Science-X theme is built in such a way that anyone can get WooCommerce based environment. As a site owner, you just have to customize as your choice. Our years of experience helped us to figure out exactly what one might need while developing a research group or create an online learning platform. Hence, ScienceX is the ultimate theme you’ll ever need.

Real Life Experience Based Design

Science-X WordPress Education Research Theme

In the market, what we see? We usually see that most of the developers go through a design pattern which already exists in the market. They always maintain that standard in their works but that wasn’t the same case happened for the Science-X. Our years of experience on working on the real-life projects including website building gave us the exact idea of what is needed specifically to satisfy the specific niche and what isn’t. This enabled us to get rid of generic components that usually a simple website do, but of no use for a particular niche; and add those customized pages, components, sections and functionalities that are most beneficial.

Before developing Science-X, we had been so much busy on developing several researchers and research group websites. It’s not the end, we had to browse and analyze hundreds of other research-related websites in order to understand better our client’s requirements and presents all the ingredients in such a way that they could be most user-friendly for our users. We also spent enough time on how can we present all these things on the web in the best possible ways.

We Thought Out of the Box

Science-X WordPress Education Research Theme

All the experiments we run on the internet helped us to understand better the usability of different use-cases. These experience helped us to figure out exactly what one might need while developing a research group or professor’s website. Our end-goal was not to add another ordinary piece on the same stack.

We thought in different ways from the traditional process as you wouldn’t find exactly the same standard theme in WordPress. The total process was from a unique angle and perspective what exactly matches to the requirements. That’s why no other education WordPress theme can be more user-friendly and useful than the Science-X.

Easy to Customize

Science-X WordPress Education Research Theme

Science-X is designed for all the number-crunching genius brains all over the world and is developed in such a way that anyone can easily customize it anytime. We know that researchers and the professors have many important things to do and they haven’t time to waste managing a website. That’s why once you set up the theme on your website, it’s really easy to customize and manage by anyone.

Zero Coding Knowledge Requires

The theme is designed and developed in such a way that website owner doesn’t need to have any coding knowledge to customize or modify the theme at all. All the sections are implemented in an organized way that any newbies of the respective area can make an impact without having the minimum coding knowledge. For instance, if an undergrad student who has just joined a Ph.D. program with a¬†research group and has no idea about the website at all, can get himself/herself adapted with the system in mere 5-10 minutes!

Most User-Friendly WordPress Theme

Science-X Theme is the most user-friendly education WordPress theme that supports King Composer page builder. Through supporting king composer the theme gets more comfortable for the users. There are certain benefits that a user get which are given below:

  • Save time & money. Get the job done faster. No need to purchase extra extensions to customize. Just download and use!
  • You can use front-end and back-end with ease.
  • Build beautiful pages by drag and drop facility to fluently implement your ideas.

There is another thing is Redux framework which is used in the Science-X theme. Because of using Redux framework the theme get more friendly so that the end-users can easily fine-tune their websites.

One Click Demo Import Facility

Science-X is One Click Demo¬†plugin compatible which allows its users to have one-click demo import facility as well. The theme authors can define import files in their themes and so all the users have to do is click on the ‚ÄúImport Demo Data‚ÄĚ button, and everything is going to be imported. This feature has been added to the theme because of making everything easy and comfortable for the users.

WooCommerce Compatible

WooCommerce is an open-source most popular platform which is completely customizable for entrepreneurs worldwide. Science-X allows its authors to integrate the WooCommerce platform into the website. If the research group or professors want to launch WooCommerce platform on their website for any reason, they can have such opportunity using the Science-X.

All the Right Things in the Right Places

Science-X is like a godown of lots of expertise and a storehouse of features and functionalities. Unlike many other themes, the theme bears an exceptionality specialty for the research group and the professors.

As said earlier, working on several Professor and Research Group websites, and thus communicating intensely with numerous Academicians, WE KNOW how they want to see their website to look like and what purpose they want to be fulfilled with it.

Utilizing this first-hand experience, we curated a schema of what module performs best in which position in these kinds of websites and how to present them in a researcher or professor website WordPress theme.

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Completely Responsive

Science-X WordPress Education Research Theme

We know the single motto of recent web design trend is- ‘If your website isn’t mobile-ready, it better die!’. That’s why we kept in mind¬†the research group WordPress theme‚Äôs adaptive capability for any kinds of devices. You can browse this Educational WordPress theme from any handheld devices by clicking this Science-X Live Preview button and see that it works very well on any of the handheld devices.

Furthermore, you can check it from Google Mobile-Friendly Test too. And why wouldn’t this be user-friendly? We have used the latest version of the world famous CSS framework Bootstrap to make this Professor, Research Group Website WordPress theme responsive.

SEO-Friendly Structure

Another important aspect for any website is its SEO friendly structure. Science-X Researcher and Professor Website WordPress Theme was developed in such a way that it always promotes the SEO based contents. To make it work, you need to just provide meta information to it. Google will index your data as well as making your website fast and rank it upper in search results. So, download this responsive theme for your Professor or Research group website project.

W3C Standard

The coding of Science-X educational WordPress theme has maintained the W3C standard and ensured W3C validation. Your site will work great on all platforms and search engine will put your site on the good list. Even if the developers hand-on the code, they can understand it easily and find everything in order.


In a nutshell, if you are looking for a hassle-free top-class responsive theme for your next Professor, Research Group or Academician website project, you simply won‚Äôt find a better deal than Science-X. It’s one of the best WordPress themes based on user-friendly features and mobile-centric layout.

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