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Starting a new business can be challenging, and if you’re going from a traditional career to freelancing, a startup or other non-traditional forms of employment, you may have questions about the best way to work. While no single work environment is perfect for everyone, three of the most common options for small businesses, solopreneurs and startups are the home office, the “coffice” (coffee shop office) and co-working spaces.

In this post, we are going to make a list of comparison of the possibilities offered by these following working environments.

How about Renting “Office Space” ?

Though it may sound so professional, it sounds like a kind of having a big weight in your bucket. But, on the other hand, it provides you to meet your client in person any other place from home. Besides, it gives you an official address in which you would be knocked for your legal letters, official letters etc. An official address helps you to make formal communications with companies also.

A small office (500-600 square feet) in California can average about $30 per square foot per year, for a monthly bill of $1,250 – $1,500. On top of those costs, you may need to pay additional costs for utilities, building maintenance, furniture, equipment, mail service or other expenses. And while that small office space might be ideal for a solopreneur, it might be too small for meetings or collaborative small teams.”

Now, if you want to know what’s the disadvantage behind it? We would like to say that, having a office rental space can be pricey for most of the time. Specially for start-up companies, sometimes it could be a huge burden to carry on. It sounds bad? Yeah, it is!

Home, Sweet Home

Now, we are talking. Working from home is the first choice for most of the solopreneurs. Sometimes it seems that a start-up company starts their journey in a small room of a house.

Having a home as your working space is quite good for starters, because, for many creative people, it helps them to create an environment friendly to work. And having a such environment is a blessing to all. Besides, people find it comfortable to be working here. It provides you comforts in such working environments like how you dress up, how to do your work etc. Home can give you a silent and peaceful atmosphere which is loved by most of the solopreneurs. A silent environment can give you less stress which can help you to increase your productivity as well. Sometimes, it seems pretty important to be around your family. Having your office in your home helps it completely here.

Now, for the disadvantage part, working in home can make you isolated from the world. It may give you loneliness and a sense of detachment from what is happening in the sector you are working in. Because, from a report, we’ve seen that people working in home found out to be isolated and lonely. In a working place, a person can have the opportunity of making conversations with others about the job or anything else and at least they do something which doesn’t seem monotonous. Sometimes it is found out to be really hard to separate your personal life from your work life. Another professional disadvantage is your client meetings. It becomes really unprofessional to carry on in those scenarios.

Co-working Spaces

Co-working spaces are kind of new arrangements now-a-days. It’s such an arrangement where people can share an office space with other workers. It can be an excellent option for you.

Co-working spaces can provide meetings, social events, training sessions or it could be any kind of fun activities. From here, you can have fun as well as your work done. In this arrangement, you may be working in a shared table while on the other side of the table, you can see that a graphic designer is working on. Having a little gossip from your work time to time can make you feel fresh and you can do better on your work. Besides, in a co-working space, you may find different kinds of people having different kinds of problems and solutions as well. It can help you gain diverse experiences.

Coworking space carries some disadvantages too. It costs money a lot. If you are not lucky enough, it may be noisy and sometimes it could be much noisy. As a social element of that environment, you may lose a lot of time socializing.

We’ve discussed enough in the above post. But, if you want to make an shortcut list for it, here it is for you.

 Rent Office SpaceWorking From HomeThe Coworking Space
PaymentHIghNoneMuch Lesser Than “Rent Office Space”
Client MeetingCan be doneCan’t Be doneDepends on the environment.



If it is Sound, then possible otherwise not

Comfort ZoneLessCan’t be much more than it.Depends on the situation

Which one suits you best?

We have talked for so many types of office spaces. And we believe that each and everyone of you has a different taste. So, we should leave it to you for choosing. Because, you will work where you choose to work, not us. And, who knows you better than yourself?

Have a Good Day…

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