Creating Credentials for Amazon Product Advertising API

Amazon API Key is a vital part of integrating the Amazon affiliate plugin into your website. Using this API, product images and other relevant data will be fetched through the Amazon official advertising API.  To set up Amazon API keys in AzonPress, you must create some credentials.

Be sure that you can use all the credentials on multiple sites. 

How to Create Credentials

  • First of all, you need to create Amazon Associates Account. Then go over to the dashboard of your created account. Click on the Tools located on the top navigation bar of the account.
Azonpress - Create API
  • Then, click on the Product Advertising API from the drop-down menu section. Next, you will have the option to create your credentials using Add Credentials button.

One thing, if you are using local Association program, your URL might be different.

  • If you can’t create credentials properly, your Associates’ account doesn’t meet all the requirements. Recently, Amazon changed its policy, saying that every new affiliate must generate at least 3 sales before gaining access to the API.
  • After creating all your credentials properly, you can download them, including Access Key and Secret Key.
  • You can see all the previously created credentials on your account. Now, you need to configure API with the AzonPress plugin.

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