Add columns in Product Tables

You can add any column easily in the product tables with AzonPress plugin. Even, you can delete, alter columns easily according to your requirements. 

  • To add a new column, click on the Add Column button. 
Add Column - Azonpress
  • A new pop-up window will appear on the screen, as in the below screenshot. 
  • Write the column title on the first box of the pop-up window. 
Column Title - Azonpress
  • Select the column type by clicking on the Column Type and pick the appropriate type. 
Select Column Type- Azonpress
  • Now, set the minimum width of the column. Remember that it is not mandatory to put a minimum width value in the column because AzonPress can give here a default value for the new column. 
Table Columns Other Settings - Azonpress
  • If you want any custom CSS Class, you can do it in the Custom CSS Class box. 

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