Configure Custom Geo Targeting in AzonPress

You can easily re-route the amazon links to different stores based on the user’s location. For example, You can find a few European countries like Netherlands/Poland users in Germany’s Amazon Store.

  • For that, Please go to your AzonPress Settings Amazon API and find Geo Targeting Settings, then enable, then select Country wise Targeting.
  • Then You have to configure the routes. Signup for your target countries’ amazon affiliate site and get the tracking code.
  • Once you are done with these settings, You have to configure MaxMind’s Free free API key. Please signup here for free
  • After you signup, login to your MaxMind account and go to My License KeyGenerate a new license key (See the below screenshot)
  • Once you confirm you will get 16 digit license key, copy it.
  • Now add that code to your AzonPress settings and press the Update button.

Then your AzonPress Geo-targeting will work just fine.

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