Configure Custom Geo Targeting/Tracking in AzonPress

You can easily re-route the Amazon links to different stores based on the user’s location and you can track your customers locations with this GEO Tracking Settings option.

For that, Please go to your AzonPress Settings and select the Geo Tracking Settings from the left sidebar. Here you have to give the MaxMind API Key to enable your GEO Targeting.

Maxmind GEO-IP API Key

To get the Maxmind API Key login to your Maxmind Account or signup here for free

After you signup, login to your MaxMind account and go to Manage Licence Key then click on Generate New License Key.

A confirmation page will come to Generate New Licence Key, click on the Confirm button here.

Now you will get your Maxmind API key. Copy it from here.

Update API Key on AzonPress

Now paste the API Key you have been copied from the Maxmind account and click on the Update button.

Then your AzonPress Geo-targeting will work just fine.

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