How to Add a Single Custom Product

Azonpress allows you to add custom products to your site. You can scrap the details of the product just by giving the product URL and adding a single or multiple products to your site or you can add the product by yourself manually.

AzonPress Custom Product feature now can scrap data from three E-Commerce websites. They are Amazon, eBay, and Etsy.

Add Custom Product

To a custom product select the Custom Products from the AzonPress dashboard and click on the Add Custom Product button.

A pop-up will come with the Fetch Product URL field. Also, the Single Product Template and Double Product Template option for your product. Select the Single Product Template here for adding a single product in AzonPress and give the URL Link to Fetch data from that site.

If you want to add a product manually then you don’t need to add a URL for Fetch data. You can simply click on the Continue button to add product details manually.

Get a Single Product Link

You need to copy the single product URL link from which site you want to add the product. Copy the URL link like the below screenshot. 

Paste the URL in the URL Scrapping field and click the Scrap Data button.

Product data will be added now and a product section will come. You can customize every detail of this product by clicking on the Edit button. The General Settings are for template customization. 

Edit Product 

The edit option will allow you to modify every detail of the product Product Info, Product metadata, Image, and Button. Also, you can add Text and Color option for your Product.


From the settings option, you can customize the template background color, heading, border, and template primary color. Here you will get some more settings like

Link Redirect Type: From here you can set your link redirection type that how you want your link to be redirected.

Open Links in a New Window: Your link will be open on a new page if you enable this option.

Use No Follow on Links: You can enable this if you want to enable no follow for your link.

Add Additional Rel Attribute Tags: You can add additional rel attribute tags from here.

Add Link Query Param: This option is for Adding Query Params on your affiliate link. To know more read this documentation.

After setting up all the things click the Update and Save Template button.

Your single custom product is ready for your front end. Copy the shortcode and place it into the page you want to embed follow this documentation to know how to add it to your front end. 

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