How to Add Multiple Custom Products

AzonPress allows you to add Multiple Products to your website. You can add this product very easily by following this simple guideline. 

AzonPress Custom Product feature now can scrap data from three E-Commerce websites. They are Amazon, eBay, and Etsy.

Add Multiple Products

Go to the Custom Products from the AzonPress dashboard and click the Add Custom Product button.

Select the Multiple Product Template from here. Now you have to give your multiple product Links in the URL field and click the Continue button.

Multiple Products Link

To get your multiple product link go to the site from where you want to add products on your site. First, search the products then copy the URL link of the search result page.

Paste the URL in the multiple product URL field section.

Now you will be asked here for Tracking ID. Just give your Track ID if you have it and click the OK button.

Customization of Multiple Products

You will see that your Multiple Products have been added. Now If you want to customize them more click on the Settings icon button held with the product. Besides the Setting icon button, you will find the Delete icon button for deleting the product you do not want to add to your multiple product list.

After clicking the setting button which is beside the product will allow you to edit the details of the product manually. You can also change the product image here.

Customization Multiple Product Template

The Setting button on the right sidebar is for the Template settings and changes. You will get every setting for your template here.

From here you can change the Template Background, Text, Border, and Template Primary Color. You will also find some important settings down here for your Template like Link Redirect Type, Open Links in New Window, Use No Follow on Links, Add additional Rel Attribute Tags, and Add Link Query Params.

After customizing your template click on the Update and Save Tamplets button to save your changes.

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