Custom Product Dashboard Overview

AzonPress can create Custom Products that you can add to your website. You can add this custom product to your website with affiliate links to the products. In this guideline, we will discuss the custom product dashboard from where you can manage all the custom product settings. 

Here are the details of the whole dashboard to manage your custom products.

  1. This section will give the ID number of the custom products you have added to your website. 
  2. The Title will show you the names of the custom products you have added to your websites.
  3. These are the Shortcodes of your custom products. You can add your custom products to your website just by adding these shortcodes to your website page. 
  4. Clocked URL will give you the product link from the multiple added custom products so that you can add this product on your other pages, blogs, posts, or anywhere and the link will redirect you to this Custom Products Multiple product page.
  5. This is the Button to Add New Custom Products to your website. 
  6. This button will show you the custom product details.
  7. This button is for editing you added custom product details.
  8. This will delete your existing custom product.
  9. This shows how many Product links are available on the multiple custom product page. 
  10. This search option is for your custom product. 

This is all about your custom product dashboard now let’s see how you can create this Single or Multiple custom products table.

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