Pre-purchase Questions

Technical Requirements

To make this plugin work properly, we recommend PHP 5.6 or higher, MySQL 5.0.3 or higher and WordPress 4.7.5. or the latest.

If you get a stellar web hosting provider, these options will come by default. Choose your hosting from a trusted company.

Can I test a demo?

You can’t create a demo yourself, but we have provided some live demonstrations to give you a basic understanding of how the table finally looks.

From the feature list, you can see all the features this plugin contains. If you’re still ambivalent, talk to our Support Team.

For further assistance, our documentation is ready to help you install, customize, and maintain the plugin step by step.

Is it compatible with any WordPress Theme?

The default styles and settings of AzonPress are so flexible that it will run perfectly with your existing theme.

If you face any problem with the broken style or any other functionality, just let us know. Most of the time, a little CSS can resolve the issue.

What to know about licensing?

You can buy the license for one year. Then, you can renew it for next year, and so on. We offer no subscription right now.

As long as your license is valid, you will get all the updates automatically and other facilities without even asking for it.

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How can we help?

Please submit a support ticket if you have any question or pre-sale questions. Our Customer support engineers will answer your query as soon as possible

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