Global Affiliate Link Configuration

You can create an Affiliate link with Query Params in AzonPress. You can make query param affiliate links for any e-commerce website with the Custom Product creation feature of AzonPress. This guide will help you to add Query Params to your product link with AzonPress. 

Global Settings of Query Params

To add query params in your product go to the Global Settings of your Azonpress and then select the Affiliate Link Config from the left sidebar. 

Now here are the options for configuring your Affiliate Link and adding Query Params in your Link. 

You will get the default two domains added for your query param in your link. You can delete them by clicking on the Delete icon button on the top right side of the Configure Param section. Also, you will get an Add New Domain button for adding any Domain here. 

Adding Query Param

To add a query param in your affiliate link give the Domain name first from where you want to add your product and query param on that product link. By default, you will get a created Link Query Param here and you can also add more if you need. Click on the Plus icon button to add more query params. If you want to delete any query param then simply click on the Delete icon button. 

Click on the Save button to save your all changes. 

Adding Link Query Param from the Custom Products

You will also find an Add Link Query Param option in your Custom added Single or Multiple products to add Query Param for those specific custom products. Go to your Custom Product Template and scroll down to the Custom Product Settings and you will see the option for adding Query Param in the link.

Example of Query Peram Link 

Your query params will be visible on your Affiliate link like the below screenshot. 

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