Configure Amazon API in AzonPress

Before configuring Amazon API with AzonPress, you must create credentials for Amazon Product Advertising API.

  • After configuring Amazon API from your Amazon site successfully, go to your site, install AzonPress, and hit over the plugin dashboard, clicking the sidebar.
  • Click on the Settings options; you can find the Settings option in the left sidebar and top right side of the navigation bar.
Azonpress - API Setting
  • After clicking on the Settings option, you will be taken to the Amazon API Settings page by default.
  • You can find the API Key input field for the API key you generated from the Amazon Associate account.
  • Put your API secret key, choose a Country from the drop-down menu, then provide the Tracking id.
  • Next, you will find an API Caching Time option; in that case, you can set caching time in minutes.
  • There is another option named Geo-Target Type, where you can get three options to configure your account with the plugin.
  • Press the Update button to save your API configuration.

This is how you can set up your API key and other relevant issues using the AzonPress plugin.

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