As we are entering a new decade, it’s the very time to leave the old things behind and focus on the future. Well, by ‘old things’ I mean website designs from the past decade that are no longer attractive nor functional. So if in the upcoming year you would like to update your site or launch a new one, you are in the right place because we are going to check out ten web design trends of 2020.

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So what are the trendiest of trends in web design in 2020? Well, here they come.

ChatBots for Everyone

future of web design in 2020

Everybody knows that a chatbot is an extremely useful tool for both customers and support service employees. This little boy helps the clients to easily deal with the potential problems and, if needed, directs them to a support manager who already knows the basic information about the problem that the user has. In fact, chatbots are indispensable for online stores, so if you still don’t have one, go ahead and place this guy on the main page of your online shop.

Minimalism in Everything

future of web design in 2020

Well, this very trend has been around for quite a while and will stay on top in 2020 as well. As a matter of fact, minimalism dominates pretty much all the spheres of life including fashion, architecture, and all kinds of design. So if you still didn’t get rid of the unnecessary stuff on your site or your pages look sort of cluttered, do not hesitate and get a lovely minimalistic theme in order to improve your site in the upcoming year.

Dynamic Elements and Interactivity

future of web design in 2020

Even though minimalism is a huge trend, sites that are too simple are not going to work in 2020. That means that you want to avoid boring still pages and add some glow to them by means of interactive dynamic elements. To put it simply, add some fancy animation effects that work when visitors click on a particular place or move the cursor. But be careful and don’t overdo those effects since it contradicts the minimalist philosophy. This is easier said than done. So consider going with a custom web design company if you aren’t confident.

White Space of Every Color

future of web design in 2020

This is perhaps unfamiliar to you since the term comes from logo design and means the space (that is usually white) between the graphic elements. In terms of web design, it is the space between the images, texts, videos, icons, or any other elements you use on your page. In fact, it can be either white or any other color, the main point here is to have some room in between the design elements.

More Videos

future of web design in 2020

People are tired of huge text passages no matter how great they might be and this is exactly why graphic content and videos, in particular, are gaining their popularity so quickly. Using videos is extremely beneficial for online shops because they help convince people to buy the products and in general make a website look fancier. So if you are still hesitating, just stop it and give this trend a shot.

Motion Design Power

future of web design in 2020

Well, gif images are not only fun but can also be a rather useful and simply dope element of a website’s design. In fact, these interactive images are perhaps the best way to describe a product, besides, they load pretty fast and perfectly work on various devices. So why don’t you become one of the pioneers who start actively using gifs before anyone else does?

Push Notifications Controversy

future of web design in 2020

Okay, let’s face it, push notifications are extremely annoying, so why is it a trend then? Well, all I’m going to say is – annoying but useful since in many cases they carry pretty important information, especially in terms of mobile apps. So using those definitely will not hurt anyone. Moreover, these notifications can be easily turned off by users, so those who don’t need your friendly reminders and updates will simply turn them off. So this trend is surely worth a shot.

Adaptability and Responsiveness

future of web design in 2020

A smartphone already seems to be a part of our body, so no wonder so many people prefer surfing the internet using them instead of a good old PC. That means that you have to make sure that your website’s design is fully responsive, cross-browser compatible, and looks stunning on every possible device as well as in every existing browser. Luckily, this problem is easy to solve with a WordPress theme, so you might want to look for one.

Abstract Illustrations for the Dreamers

future of web design in 2020

Doodles, fluid art, or any other abstract images are in trend in 2020. Abstract illustrations can make a great background, a cool banner, or even become a part of your logo. Everything depends on your creativity and desire to work with such an interesting pattern. Well, be creative and get some unique abstract illustrations for your website.

Geometrical Shapes for All Occasions

future of web design in 2020

Futuristic elaborated shapes and forms are among the most popular trends in web design as well. In fact, this can be the ultimate solution for literally any type of site since geometrical shapes are pretty multipurpose and universal. So no matter if you want to update an online shop, a blog, or a corporate website, geometry is definitely the way to go for you.

Final Word

Web design trends come and go every year and sometimes it is rather challenging to keep up with them and make your website look up to date. However, it is not impossible to keep your site on top, especially when you have such design platforms as MasterBundles to back you up. So go ahead and bring your website to a new level or create a stunning new one in 2020.

Do you know any other trends for the upcoming year? Feel free to share in the comment section below!

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