AzonPress vs AAWP, EasyAzon, and Amazon Link (Which one is the Best)

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This article will help you to understand the best Amazon affiliate marketing plugin where we have run an experiment among the four. Have a look at the table below, first.

Comparison among AzonPress and other plugins
ComparisonAzonPressAAWPEasyAzonAmazon Link
LocalizationYesYes YesYes
Product Pop UpsNoNoYesNo
Theme DependencyNoNoNoNo
Data UpdateAutomatedAutomatedNANA
Tracking IDAutomatedAutomatedNANA
Ready TemplatesYesYesNoNo
Geo TargetingYesYesYesYes
Bestseller ListsYesYesNoNo
Free VersionNoNoYesYes

You don’t want to see the apocalypse in your affiliate project. That said, you can’t fight with the bare hand either. Many bloggers had to embrace the catastrophe because they were unable to stand against the competition. A smart, compelling, and efficient plan can help you reach your destination.

As you are looking out for the most tailored option to make your brand renowned and successful, we bring this post for you. Here you find a straightforward and detail comparison among four leading plugins for Amazon affiliate marketing. Choose the one you think is best.

These four WordPress affiliate plugins are the most charming tools based on their performance and popularity.


Amazon affiliate marketing
Download AzonPress Now!

AzonPress is the most powerful, awe-inspiring, and smartest affiliate management plugin built for Amazon. What other plugins hold, this tool contains much more, and it offers faster and smoother outcomes. AzonPress is built for serious marketers who want to do both – saving time and effort and achieve more success.

From quick installation to enthralling product presentation, AzonPress gives you a totally responsive layout that adapts to any screen. Moreover, the easy affiliate management option will allow you to have a look at your earnings and other reports.

The more you will use this plugin, the more you can explore. To display products with AzonPress, you can choose the layout from different options such as grid, list, table, and more. Shortcode enables you save more time by not creating the same table again and again.

We would like to point out the pricing of AzonPress. Whereas other plugins cost you a basic price and then additional payment for add-ons, AzonPress will charge you nothing extra. You will pay for all the features it provides at once, even at a seriously cheaper rate.

The highlighted features of AzonPress:

  • Enthralling product presentation
  • Automatic product updates
  • Responsive product tables
  • User-friendly customization
  • Geo-Targeting option available
  • Easy for the beginners
  • Shortcodes integration
  • Ready and flexible layouts


AAWP has already built its goodwill and reputation to the marketing enthusiasts. And, it’s a hard contender to beat among best Amazon affiliate marketing plugins. It’s feature-rich, newbie-friendly, affordable, and ready to take your Amazon affiliate to the next stage.

Bloggers who want to improve their earnings from Amazon affiliate should try this brilliant tool. You can do more than including text links with AAWP. The whole pack is organized to give you enormous result focusing on the customers who visit your site. The visual performance of AAWP is a lot better than others.

It will give you caching support along with a set of designs, product boxes, filtering, and similar engaging features. You can also easily create comparison tables and bestseller lists. Geo-Targeting option is available too so that you can connect the buyers across from different countries.

Creating excellent things like buy button, product comparison tables, and different styles is easy and interesting. Moreover, these readily found design sets help you save your time. On the other hand, the regular updates and myriad of noteworthy features are the big reasons to buy this plugin right away.


You can connect to the local Amazon store easily with this tool. Moreover, it comes up with an easy setup process that anyone can operate. Get the API keys and put it inside the plugin. That’s it. What else you need to do is filling out the tracking IDs so that you can earn for several Amazon stores across multiple regions.

Another amazing feature EasyAzon provides is the localization option which ensures you to get a commission for different storefronts. Set the ASIN code for multiple countries where Amazon is available. Then, users coming from any location will be redirected to their local Amazon and you will never miss an international commission.

Whatever product you select, your customer will choose it (it might not be the store you expected) and they will eventually buy it. That’s the whole point of this compelling feature. Besides that, you can turn this option to automatic if you want to.

In this global era, your blog shines over more places than your target area. Should you not miss the extra traffic, who also come to your site and then follow your affiliate links. They also can add value to your earnings and you need a plugin like EasyAzon to get them in your network. This is the second best plugin for Amazon affiliate marketing after AzonPress.

Amazon Link

If you are already in affiliate marketing, you probably have heard about Amazon Link. As the name portrays, this plugin is solely built for Amazon affiliate link management. It will give you some spare time what you were supposed to waste on manual link adding.

In addition to all the features, Amazon Link is also popular because it’s available on without any cost. This plugin is open to get donations from its users as it’s based on open source. Moreover, it packed with a search option to create instant links, shortcodes to produce product links, and popups for international users.

Apart from all the features stated above, users of Amazon Link will also be benefitted with the localization option that helps catch the multinational visitors. Global setting based on traffic, tracking IDs for separate WP users, built-in templates, and many other cozy inclusions will leave you in a state of full satisfaction.

Above all, the goal of the creator of this plugin is to make the affiliate journey comfortable. It will accompany you to boost your overall income by handing you some help to create an alluring product presentation. Get this plugin now, especially if you’re a beginner with a tight budget.

Our recommendation

Although we have presented here only four products we studied other plugins in the same category and checked their performance. We deduced from our scrutiny that AzonPress stays way ahead than any other tool exists in the market. There’s no extravagance. You can justify our opinion after started using it.

However, what we love of this plugin is — it’s exceptionally user-friendly. Bloggers without having too much technical knowledge can operate this plugin without any trouble. It also offers documentation to get help when users get stuck at any point. Furthermore, AzonPress will help you to recommend the products to your visitors in style.

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