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Optimize Your WordPress Website for Lead Generation

lead generation, wordpress

Over 70% of visitors who abandon your website will never return, did you know that?

If you have gone through your website’s Google Analytics performance lately, you would definitely find the aforementioned statement to be horribly true!

In most cases, more than 75% of visitors don’t come back to a website if they aren’t offered something extremely useful or fail to find what they were looking for.

If you think you are in that maximum parties, then you need to think about the issue and try to turn those visitors into leads.

In this post, I will be discussing a boat-load of resources for Optimizing your site for getting more leads in WordPress.

To make things easier, I have broken it down into a couple of sections. You can dive into a particular section, or you can stay for the whole ride.

Going further, I will be demonstrating the basics of Lead Generation. Let’s get started.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is a technique to generate consumer interest or engagement in the products or services of a particular business.

WordPress, contact forms
Lead generation

Usually, a large portion of visitors gets to a site from search engines. If you can’t hook them with something, it’s likely that these users might not land in your pages ever again.

Lead generation allows you to catch those users by initiating a conversational channel between your website and the user. This channel might be something like asking your users to like your page on Facebook, follow on Twitter, or join your email list through subscribing.

Email is the most reputed and captured lead for your business as it’s the most undeniably efficient marketing tool at your disposal.

Optimizing Your WordPress Site

Virtually hundreds of modifications can be brought about to optimize your WordPress site for lead generation. Here we will be discussing the 20 most effective ways of optimizing your WordPress website for lead generation:

  1. Recheck & analyze the whole website
  2. Execute efficient call-to-action buttons
  3. Design better landing pages
  4. Offer freebies
  5. Use instant pop-up
  6. Create exciting texts
  7. Optimize content strategy on your website
  8. Use responsive sign-up forms
  9. Adding lead generation form
  10. Encourage phone calls
  11. Place guest-posts
  12. Choose a fresh looking theme
  13. Adding related posts and products
  14. Speed up your site
  15. Implement better SEO
  16. Embed social sharing buttons
  17. Include authentic reviews & testimonials
  18. Email marketing form
  19. Engage video marketing section
  20. Redirect users to a “Thank you” page

Now, I am going to demonstrate one by one how to optimize your WordPress site for generating more leads:

1. Recheck & analyze the whole website

WordPress, optimize lead generation
Recheck and analyze the website

In any kind of business, it’s most obvious to understand first the concept of your business and the platform you are working on. When you are definite about your goal then go and map out the intent of each page. Recheck your whole website to make sure of its clarity, so that your users will grab your site’s offerings.

Want your users to make a purchase on this page?

What about the landing page of your site and other sections, think about the information you have given to that. Is it enough to convey the right message for your business?

Try to understand users’ demands of your specific niche in terms of optimization. Think about each page from the user’s perspective and try to design your page that drives users to take a specific action.

2. Execute efficient call-to-action buttons

It’s always very important for you to think about how your pages’ call-to-action buttons will look on tiny devices that attract your users as well. In this respect don’t make CTA copy too long as it may not appear on mobile devices.

Make sure the CTA is clear and transparent that stands out from the rest of the screens. Keep one thing in mind that just because of a short CTA, you can’t create an impact; but using efficient and powerful words can do the trick.

3. Design better landing pages

The landing page plays a vital role for any kind of website. There are manifold purposes for the landing page and basically, two are the most reputed. One can use to capture leads for the future that is for marketing purposes and another is for introducing site visitors to what your company offers to them.

An ideal landing page should bear a clear headline with the necessary information on what you offer. Contact information should be clear-cut like email or telephone number. Always try to provide imagery to draw attention. By keeping all these aspects in your mind, optimize your website landing page for a better output.

4. Offer freebies

Every time you need to have something to offer to your users that would add more value to them, especially to the new visitors. You can offer different types of freebies that will ultimately prompt visitors to fill out the sign-up forms instantly.

Freebies can be of different types- like tutorials, downloadable e-books, videos, discount coupons, etc. These will increase their interest and boost your marketing campaigns. These free resources can be offered to those who sign up on your email list.

5. Use instant pop-up

Pop-up is one of the crucial techniques for any kind of website. Sometimes popups create a bad impression, but they can be a very powerful tool to engage your visitors. Popup can be ineffective because of an unappealing text and design. You can offer them to sign up or you can subscribe to your site using the pop-ups.

contact forms, tips
Use instant pop-ups

Moreover, define your purpose before jumping into designing a popup for your site. You can have different types of popups on your site. Usually, there are 5 types of pop-ups you can add to your website:

  • On-load Popups
  • Exit-intent Popups
  • Site-lock Popups
  • Engagement Popups
  • Sticky Popups

Before choosing each popup, make sure that you are choosing the right ones for the right purposes.

If you’re looking for a plugin to handle the majority of that work for you, we recommend Convert Pro. It’s a premium plugin for WordPress that delivers a range of powerful tools for opt-in lead generation.

It comes with a drag and drop form builder that makes short work of building forms, pop-ups, calls to action, opt-ins, and even multi-step popups! 

It’s fully responsive and works on mobile, provides excellent templates to use out of the box, and includes real-time analytics to track performance. It’s the plugin you need to supercharge conversion on a website!

6. Create exciting texts

For grabbing the visitors after coming to your site you need to engage in a strong and appealing language. Especially be careful about the posts you publish, the contents of every tiny section, and the lead generation form. All the write-ups you want to publish in your post section should be worth enough to add value to your readers.

After creating your lead generation forms it’s important to place a unique text on your call to action button. It’s always boring to see regular and over-used texts like “Submit” or “Subscribe Here”. That’s what almost everyone is doing on their forms. How do you expect to stand out among millions of others if you do the same thing everyone else is doing?

Be careful while using the words and phrases you use on your sign-up forms. Tailor your content with different techniques and boost your site up through implementation.

7. Optimize content strategy on your website

After creating exciting content you need to promote them on the web properly. I think it should be of no surprise that social media plays a great role in lead generation.

Definitely content is important but if you don’t share that content with the right people on the right platforms, you are likely to fall short on your lead generation campaign.

8. Use responsive sign-up forms

Putting a responsive signup form after every post is crucial for any kind of website. A great opt-in form builder plugin like WP Fluent Form can integrate your subscribers seamlessly with different third-party email management and automation systems like MailChimp, Slack, Campaign Monitor, GetResponse, iContact and so on. You can also create a custom newsletter form, then insert on pages.

What you need to be careful about is to put effort into crafting a copy that goes along with the voice, attitude, and character of your website.

Also, you find the top form builders that fulfill all your needs & give you the best opportunity to grow your business.

Read more here: How to Use Contact Forms to Grow More Leads in WordPress.

9. Adding lead generation form

A proper contact form on your contact page can be a perfect lead generation tool if you design it in a perfect way.  Create a user-friendly contact form to maximize your online sales. These forms can encourage your visitors to become a regular customer and subscriber on your site.

optimize lead generation
Apply lead generation form

WordPress offers some various form plugins to help you create lead generation forms with absolutely zero coding. In this regard, you can use WP Fluent Form plugin to serve your purpose. Using WP Fluent Form you can create enticing responsive contact forms with virtually unlimited kinds of variations.

10. Encourage phone calls

Contacting with the phone call is a direct way of communication with your users. This is such a way of communication that impacts on your clients more and they feel more interactive vibe to connect with you.

Moreover, some website visitors won’t want to submit a form or make a purchase. Instead, they want to talk directly with someone from the company. Make sure that you have listed your phone number and other necessary information on your website correctly.

11. Place guest-posts

Guest post is something that is written for someone else’s blog or site. If you can build up a healthy relationship with any other blogger or site owners in your niche, you can reach to them with pitch ideas you think would be good for their audience.

In case of guest-posting, remember to follow up with a polite and simple manner. For optimum results, choose blogs that are related directly or indirectly to your niche topic.

12. Choose a fresh looking theme

inspirar multipurpose WordPress theme
inspirar multipurpose WordPress theme Multipurpose WordPress themes can be a great option for manifold uses

This part is one of the prior things to do in building your WordPress site. In the theme section, there are thousands of options available out there for you, but the thing is they are not equal in quality. In selecting the theme, don’t just settle for the first theme you come across, as your theme plays a vital part in lead conversion.

Selecting the right theme can help you with lead generation in multiple ways. If your website is easy to look at and to use, people are more likely to stay on the site more. Another important thing is people want to share a website with others that they found interesting. But if your site looks weird and hard to comprehend, people will not agree to share with others rather they will ignore your site, abandon it, and might never come back no matter whatever you have to offer.

13. Adding related posts and products

If you want to generate more leads and make a sound conversion, you need to make your visitors stay on your website. For this reason, you can display related content at the bottom of the post. This will ultimately make your visitors more engaged by sticking them on site for a long time.

You also can provide some internal links of the same category products at the bottom of a post. This also accelerates your sales by grabbing your potential visitors to your site. Another example is the products of Amazon. In Amazon, every time you view a product on Amazon, there is a list of similar products that might create a sense of interest within you. You can do the same thing on your WordPress site.

14. Speed up your site

Page speed matters a lot for the users’ perspective. Suppose, you have done all that mentioned above so far, which means you found a smart theme, you also organized your content and menus accordingly. There is just one problem, which is a slow page loading issue on your site.

Guess, what will happen then?

People will be more likely to leave your site if it takes more than a few seconds to load. They will probably go for another site to look up the issues. So you keep generating your leads through your site, you just need to speed up your site and improve user retention.

15. Implement better SEO

The search engine is still the best way to gather more leads to your site. Most people these days search for things on search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. No matter what kind of site you are running, you ultimately need these search engine platforms to gear up your website.

SEO, WordPress, contact forms
Utilize better SEO

The most important thing is to draw more leads, you need to grasp the first position on the search engine. In this case, search engine optimization makes your ways better to make your site ranked. The higher your site ranks, the more leads you have.

16. Embed social sharing buttons

After having all that on your site, finally, you want to make things easy for your users to share your site by embedding social sharing buttons on your site. Usually, the social sharing button allows visitors to share that page with their social media followers with just a click of the button.

For WordPress users, the social share button can be added simply using a plugin. With these social sharing buttons, you can easily start attracting new leads to your pages. The more people you can attract, the more leads you have on your site.

17. Include authentic reviews & testimonials

To build trust among your target audience, you can include a user’s reviews and testimonial sections on your site. This also increases your leads by attracting your visitors. By exhibiting these authentic reviews and testimonials you can grow your direct sales.

People are more likely to believe by seeing other’s comments and reviews on the specific item. So, in order to increase and convert more visitors, you need to encourage existing customers by showing them authentic reviews and testimonials.

18. Email marketing form

Among all other marketing techniques, still, email marketing is the best and easiest one for generating more customer leads through your site. You can plan and implement an effective email marketing campaign to convey your message to a large web audience. You can make it happen by using sign-up forms or instant opt-in forms on your site.

Creating a sign-up or instant opt-in form can drastically grow your email list. You can inspire your visitors to leave their contact information or specific email address so that you can send them newsletters and promotional emails for generating more leads on your WordPress website.

You can follow some basic suggestions that will help you to generate more leads and maximize your sales through email marketing. Here are some of the tips:

  • First of all, write an appealing subject line for your email marketing campaign.
  • Try to create beautiful and professional newsletters that attract your visitors.
  • Add some high-quality contents that are most relevant to your niche topic.
  • Embed some beautifully crafted images in a proper place.
  • Use CTA buttons in the required places.
  • Embed social media button for sharing your contents that ultimately boost your sales funnel.
  • Automate your business properly.
  • Segment your email according to your subscriber’s behaviours.
  • Optimize your contents for the search engine.

These are some effective tips for generating more leads to your site.

19. Engaging video marketing section

This is another innovative way to grow your brand awareness and it can boost your site for conversion purposes. On your website add a video marketing section where you can promote your videos. In the coming days, video marketing will be a crucial factor for every type of business. In today’s world, we are seeing that online marketers are leveraging different video marketing tactics to generate higher leads for their business.

Lead generation
Make engaging videos

You also can create a viral video for your marketing purposes to help people explore your brand in the most engaging manner. You also can promote your video content on different channels like Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram and other social media. So make sure that you have linked them properly with your site.

20. Redirect users to a “Thank you” page

It definitely sounds cliche, but the truth is, a simple “thank you” definitely goes a long way. If you want to impress your new users towards your site, then never forget to redirect them to a thank you page. Or you can redirect them to any other lead generation page. In this case, there are various types of plugins that will help you redirect your visitors to the thank you page.

Final Thoughts

Converting visitors into customers is not an easy feat rather it takes time and effort to cut a good figure on your business. What do your visitors want and what could be the strategy to craft on your site for getting more leads.

The most important aspect of WordPress is that it’s easy to customize every part of your site. Using WordPress you can just tap a few buttons or install some of the best plugins for WordPress. For all the topics described above, you should be pairing this understanding with the utilization is what your website is going to make your website stand out.


In a nutshell, I would say that these are the 20 most attractive techniques that will grab more visitors and generate quality leads to your website. If you want to drive high-quality results from your lead generation policy, then you should consider all the points mentioned above in the blog post.

We hope this article helped you learn how to optimize your WordPress site for lead generation. If you have anything to share regarding the topic, let me know about your concern.

Sazzadul Bari

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