Lead generating blogs: The easiest and cheapest way to shape up your business!

If we go by the definition,

Blog – A website on which an individual or group of users record opinions, information, etc. on  a regular basis.

What is the value of blogging for business? Shouldn’t the information and opinions about a business be hosted on a carefully controlled website? The answer to the latter question is YES. The information and opinions about a business should be on a well-thought, and carefully curated website. The blog comes in addition. And it (the blog) serves as a platform to communicate a different type of opinions and information. Not only do lead generating blogs create a platform for communication, but it also builds the bridge to that platform. By lead generating blogs you can lure in traffic from all over the worldwide web into your website. Because what good will your website do, if no one visits it?

lead generating blogs

Let me explain, the reasons for explosive popularity and growth of blogs is that they made sharing thoughts and ideas easier than ever before. The blogging tools and platforms removed the requirements to understand web servers and programming languages to publish content on the web and serve as intermediaries between people and the web.

lead generating blogs

Once people were able to share their thoughts and ideas freely, others took these ideas and share them with their group of friends and so on. The reason why people were so eager to share this content was because it was a different type of content from what regular old websites provided. Blogs were full of tips and tricks, ideas and concepts, debates, musings and creativity. And that’s the type of contents the people of the web not only want to read and know but also want to share. For businesses, this distinction can be hard to grasp but once it’s properly understood and implemented, it could be an invaluable asset for marketing, brand awareness and interaction with existing and potential customers.

The key to write up good lead generating blogs is to share valuable insights and information with the world that can come in the form of tutorials, articles, opinion pieces, questions and answers etc. the list goes on.

“The Key To Great Blogging Is To Share Valuable Insight and Information with The World”

Morten Rand-Hendriksen

And if a blog does this and does it well, it can easily become a trusted source of information for your customers and for search engines. The web has become an integrated entity. Everything is linked together and by understanding and tapping into this integration, a good blogging strategy can have a positive impact on the business website as a whole.

For business, the point of a blog is to share valuable insights and information not only about its own products but also the general business landscape. This will result in higher trust and share factor among the web using public which in turn means higher search rankings on search engines for the blog and for the website. And who doesn’t want to increase their visitors? Everybody wants it.

Now, you can increase your visitors by buying an e-mail list for blasting them. After that, you might get back some visitors by clicking e-mails. But, that’s expensive and somehow it’s kind of unethical as people didn’t consciously opt in to receive emails from you. Another is to place a lot of paid ads, which is still expensive.

The Second one gives you a disadvantage of stopping incoming flow of traffic when you run out of social media marketing budget.

So, by blogging you can finally find yourself in a place where you can easily say that you can drive traffic to your site by advertising through lead generating blogs.

A blog post on your webpage is another indexed page. And this post creates a chance for you to come up on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) and have some traffic without paying an extra dime!

When traffic come to your website, you get your chance to convert them into leads. You have to just write another blog and add call-to-action option to every lead generating post. It’s so simple.

The end result is better brand awareness. The website, the blog and social media platforms joined together to form the face of the business online and the blog is what ties it all together.

Fahim Bin Wahid