10 Best EasyAzon Alternatives for Amazon Affiliates

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Amazon Associates is among the best affiliate programs in the world. Except for marketing, Amazon Associates don’t face much of a challenge. However, Amazon’s affiliate link structure can be annoying at times. And that’s when EasyAzon comes to the rescue.

What is EasyAzon?

Amazon affiliate links can be complex and lengthy. In many cases, they can produce a poor user experience for the users. Besides, it is equally essential to display affiliate products visually.

WordPress is currently the CMS with most websites. It is also the CMS with most Amazon Affiliate websites. It has excellent customization features, and a fantastic community of developers and users backs it.

When such a large developer community backs a CMS, it’s unimaginable that a problem will persist for long. That’s why a few plugin developers solved the Amazon affiliate linking issues by creating Amazon affiliate plugins

These plugins could pull professional-looking affiliate links from Amazon while backing it up with images, prices, features, and many more. Among them, EasyAzon is one of the most popular plugins.

EasyAzon offers easy affiliate links within the WordPress dashboard and helps amazon associates save time.

Why do you need an alternative for EasyAzon?

EasyAzon is a plugin with distinct features. But it has some drawbacks. 

WordPress users can experience a plugin conflict issue while using EasyAzon. Besides, most EasyAzon review states that the plugin’s customer service is a bit slow. You may have to wait over 24 hours to get your question answered. Apart from these, there are some other minor issues EasyAzon users can face.

If you’ve ever experienced any issues while using the EasyAzon demo, sit back and relax. Today we’ve come up with the best EasyAzon alternatives.

And don’t worry if you’re looking for a free plugin. In this article, you’ll find Pro plugins with exclusive features as well as some excellent free plugins.

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AzonPress is developed by WPManageNinja, who became famous for their exclusive WordPress table plugin Ninja Tables.

By name, AzonPress is a blend of Amazon and WordPress. It is one of the fastest-growing Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins. You can integrate AzonPress into any WordPress website in less than two minutes. 

EasyAzon is a free plugin with some limitations. It has responsiveness and conflict issues with other plugins. On the other hand, AzonPress is a fully responsive plugin.

AzonPress comes with must-have Amazon affiliate plugin features. The plugin can help you import Amazon products into a WordPress page or post in seconds. You can create product tables, bestseller lists, and comparison tables, product boxes, image links, widgets, CTA buttons, and many more with AzonPress.

AzonPress is Geo-targeting enabled. Therefore, you can target global customers from around the world. You can give your website a professional web store look or create a high-converting product comparison table with AzonPress!

Besides, publishing the tables is astonishingly easy. AzonPress is shortcode enabled. You can paste the shortcode anywhere on your website to display the content you created.

However, the plugin requires the Amazon Product Advertising API key to be configured. The API updates your affiliate product’s information such as price, image, description, etc.

Finally, you will find comprehensive documentation and dedicated support to help you out if you get stuck somewhere.

Unfortunately, AzonPress doesn’t have a free version. To use this superb plugin, you’ll have to buy one of the following licenses:

  • Single site license: $39 per year, $149 for lifetime
  • 20 site license: $79 per year, $249 for lifetime
  • Unlimited integration: $159 per year, $359 for lifetime


  • Ease of use
  • Rich features to promote products
  • Excellent pre-built design templates
  • Maximum customization
  • Responsive design
  • Comprehensive documentation


  • No demo version available

Amazon Affiliate for WordPress(AAWP)

Amazon Affiliate for WordPress is a very polished plugin that automatically creates affiliate links. It is an exclusive plugin for customizing affiliate links. Like AzonPress, it allows users to configure their amazon account through the Amazon Product Advertising API key and updates product information automatically.

In addition, the AAWP plugin includes some highly efficient pre-made templates. You can create unlimited comparison tables, product boxes, and data tables easily. It is also GEO targeting enabled and customizable via CSS. Above all, it works with most WordPress themes.

This awesome plugin has only one notable downside. And that is, AAWP comparison tables don’t work in AMP pages. Still, it is undoubtedly a great alternative to EasyAzon.

Unfortunately, AAWP also doesn’t have a free version. So if you want to get the plugin, the pricing of AAWP is as follows:

  • Single Site Licence $39
  • 3 Site Licence $99
  • 10 Site Licence $199
  • 25 Site Licence $299


  • Easy to Use
  • Exclusive Pro Features
  • High-Converting
  • Geo-Targeting
  • Regular Updates


  • Comparison Table Doesn’t work in AMP pages
  • Slightly Expensive

AmaLinks Pro is another compelling Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin that helps you monetize your webpages. It comes with most of the features of the earlier mentioned plugins. You can add text, pictures, buttons, and product boxes and tables with AmaLinks Pro.

A notable feature of AmaLinks Pro is that it works without Amazon API. Even if Amazon has taken away your API access, your affiliation can still go on. However, you won’t enjoy the updates from amazon without the API access.

AmaLinks Pro is pretty easy to use. It’s customizable CTA buttons can increase click-through rates. The product showcase boxes also provide a very professional look. As a result, your visitors will easily convert into sales. AmaLinks Pro has proper documentation and support to help you out if you get stuck.

Besides, one of the creators of AmaLinks Pro, Matthew Allen, is a successful affiliate marketer himself. Therefore, the plugin takes care of almost everything an affiliate marketer needs and has no real feature-wise downsides.

Again, AmaLinks Pro is a pro plugin. So there’s no alternative to buying. However, it’s inexpensive compared to EasyAzon. You can get AmaLinks Pro from the following four packages depending on your needs:

  • Single WordPress site integration @$67
  • 3 WordPress site integration @$127
  • 25 WordPress site integration @$197
  • Unlimited WordPress site integration @$597


  • Rich-features
  • Extremely Customizable
  • Responsive
  • Proper Documentation


  • Very expensive compared to similar plugins


AAPro is an amazon affiliate plugin that broadly stands for Amazon Affiliates Pro Plugin. It has innovative functionality and comes with an exclusive theme. Once you’ve configured your Amazon API into AAPro settings, you can automatically and manually import various Amazon products on your website.

Here’s what we like most about this plugin: 

Firstly, it’s on-site cart allows users to shop for products without leaving the website, helping audience retention. Secondly, customer reviews for amazon products are directly displayed on the website. Many customers might want to get a second opinion before buying a product. So this is a handy feature you’d want to consider.

Thirdly, AAPro is pretty responsive and provides a beautiful looking UI. And finally, AAPro includes analytics with a wide range of stats on display.

To be fair, we wouldn’t recommend switching to a different theme to get an EasyAzon alternative. But if you still want to give a go to AAPro, it’s available for $29.


  • Built-in theme
  • Data analytics
  • Original customer reviews
  • Responsive design


  • Extremely high WordPress requirements
  • Need to switch themes

WooZone – WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates Plugin

The WooZone WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates is a plugin for those who run an eCommerce store on WordPress. It will let you import amazon products into your WooCommerce store through keywords, ASIN, or as a CSV file.

Much like the plugins mentioned above, WooZone comes with a synchronization module to keep products updated. You can also enable coupons, use GEO-targeting, and show shipment information on your website directly from Amazon. The shipment information display can save you from the embarrassment of asking for a shipping fee later.

These are all great features. But what sets WooZone apart from any other affiliate plugin is its built-in content spinner. Nobody likes duplicate content. And WooZone enables you to create a unique product description for any product!

The only concern with WooZone is that it might slow down your website. Except for a few, this hasn’t been a significant issue for most users.

A lite version of the plugin is free to grab if you want to try. But if you want the pro version, a single site license of WooZone will cost you $49, and an extended one will cost $405. 


  • Packed with features
  • Requires no additional theme
  • Automatic
  • Content Spinner
  • Direct Checkout


  • Makes the website marginally slow
  • Slightly expansive

If you were looking for a free EasyAzon alternative, here it is! The Amazon Auto Links is a free plugin that enables you to pick targeted categories and automatically adds referral links in your WordPress website’s posts.

Amazon Auto Links is regarded as one of the best replacements of the Amazon Associates link builder plugin. It supports all amazon affiliate locales.

Upon selecting a category, the products will appear automatically on your website. You can display the products by post ID, page type, and post type.

The plugin comes with customizable product tables and a buy button for increasing your affiliate website’s conversation rate. You can customize the design layouts even more if you know a bit of CSS, PHP, and HTML. All in all, the Amazon Auto Links plugin is an excellent option considering it’s free to use.

However, one risk involved in using Amazon Auto Links is that it may not comply with Amazon’s Terms. 


  • Excellent features as a free plugin
  • Amazon API Enabled
  • Shortcodes Enabled
  • Three supported languages
  • Works without JavaScript


  • May not be compliant with Amazon’s terms

Amazon Product in a Post Plugin

Amazon Product in a Post Plugin is another free EasyAzon alternative that allows you to add unlimited products through ASIN. Like most plugins, it updates product details through API keys and works with shortcodes. 

You can write personalized reviews and paste shortcodes to display a product on your post. The plugin is comparatively responsive. And therefore, you don’t need to worry about how many products you’re adding into a post. 

Although it doesn’t contain some compelling features that the other plugins do, it’s still worth trying.


  • Responsive
  • Works with shortcodes
  • Can promote unlimited products


  • Limited features
  • Amazon advertisements and Amazon OneLink scripts may cause issues


Generally known for excellent link management features, ThirstyAffiliates is a useful Amazon affiliate plugin. It offers easy link importation and insertion into your posts through Amazon API. 

One vital feature of the plugin is its ability to add links to a specific keyword in the fewest clicks. Suppose you want to insert a link into a particular keyword mentioned multiple times on your website. With thirsty affiliates, you don’t have to do this manually. Instead, you can insert the link for every keyword at one go. 

However, the plugin wasn’t mainly meant for Amazon affiliates. Therefore, it doesn’t include some popular features that other plugins can offer.

A single site license of ThirstyAffiliates will cost you $49.You can also get the plugin for multiple sites. Five and ten site licenses for ThirstyAffiliates will cost you respectively $99 and $199.


  • Excellent link management features


  • Not amazon affiliate focused

Amazon JS

Amazon JS is another free plugin dedicated to helping Amazon affiliate marketers. The plugin offers a very straightforward option to add amazon product boxes into your pages or posts. Limited customization is also available through the plugin’s standard template, Jquery. But it requires WordPress version 3.3 or higher. 

The plugin doesn’t offer too many features aside from product boxes and limited customization options. If you want to give it a go, Amazon JS is free to try.


  • Supports up to nine Amazon domains


  • Limited features


AmazonSimpleAdmin is another honorable mention on this list. It is somewhat similar to Amazon JS. However, AmazonSimple admin offers a few more customizable templates and allows you to design personalized templates.

The plugin supports most Amazon locales. And the plugin’s backend is available in multiple languages.

In its pro version, you can use features like Geo-targeting and bestseller lists.


  • Customizable templates
  • Multiple backend languages


  • Limited Features

Final Pick: The Best EasyAzon Alternative

In our opinion, the top three alternatives of EasyAzon are on par. The rest are miles behind them in terms of features and specialties.

AzonPress, AAWP, and AmaLinks Pro offer nearly the same features. They include almost everything an Amazon affiliate marketer may need for conversion optimization. All three are worth a shot if you go feature-wise.

However, pricing is the only notable difference between these awesome plugins. If you manage a single affiliate site, you can choose between AzonPress and AAWP. They will cost $39. 

AmaLinks Pro will cost you a bit higher, even for a single site license.

Here’s the catch if you seek an Amazon affiliate plugin for multiple websites, AAWP and AmaLinks Pro can cost beyond $100 for multiple site licenses. 

On the other hand, the 20 site license of the AzonPress plugin is available at an absolute steal price of $79!We highly recommend AzonPress as an EasyAzon alternative because it’s inexpensive, comes with most features, and offers more conversion-oriented features. But if you’re still undecided, you can look at our detailed comparison EasyAzon vs AzonPress, AAWP, and Amazon Link.

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