5 Must-have Features Every Amazon Affiliate Plugin Should Offer!

Amazon affiliate program is one of the most popular affiliate programs in the affiliate marketing arena. As times passes on, things have gone changed in the affiliation process. What the people were doing things manually now these things can be done digitally with no time. Same things happen for the Amazon affiliate marketing.

Nowadays, to affiliate the products from Amazon marketplace, there is no need to worry anymore for Amazon affiliates. Now, it’s pretty much easier to do Amazon affiliate marketing with a minimal approach with the help of Amazon affiliate plugin.

One important aspect is that Amazon affiliate plugin is it should minimize the burden and maximize the output of its users. Each plugin should ensure that its users can generate affiliate links from Amazon PartnerNet with as little effort as possible, and just as easily integrate them into their website.

To make this happen, every Amazon affiliate plugin should have some basic and must needed features to leverage the affiliation process.

Important Features for an Amazon Affiliate Plugin

There are some crucial features that are needed to determine a plugin as the most successful one from our point of view. Let’s take a close look at those crucial features:

1. Easy Integration

To integrate with the Amazon marketplace, each plugin should have a minimal friendly way of integration system. In this competitive market user-friendliness is a matter.

amazon affiliate plugin

The plugin which serves easy way to integrate with the market place gets more credibility to its users. So, this is an important aspect of each plugin to ensure the easy integration with the Amazon marketplace.

2. Text Link Generation

This is one of the simplest ways to install and manage affiliate links into the text body using a quality Amazon affiliate plugin. Using the Amazon affiliate plugin you can choose the link text respectively that you want to link to an affiliate product.

amazon affiliate plugin

One thing the product text link given on the Amazon pages are ofter too long and at the same time description of the product is mostly inadequate. So, in this case, always try to use a custom link text that optimally describes the product according to your content.

[💡 Thing to Consider: Keep in mind that you shouldn’t keep the default product title from Amazon.]

3. Multiple Table Layouts

Usually, in product demonstration what we do? We demonstrate product tables in two ways. One simply shows the product tables that are generic tables. This kind of table is to show only the product in a simple flat way. Here is a live table example of a simple product table using AzonPress plugin.

Photo Title LTE Price Buy
Apple iPhone X, Fully Unlocked 5.8", 64 GB - Silver Buy Now
Apple iPhone 8 4.7", 64 GB, GSM Unlocked, Space Gray Buy Now
OnePlus 6T 128GB Storage + 8GB Memory Factory Unlocked 6.41 inch from $657.99 Buy Now
Samsung Galaxy S9 Unlocked Smartphone - 64GB from $567.49 Buy Now
Nokia 7.1 - Android One - 64 GB - 12+5 MP Dual Camera $349.00 Buy Now
Samsung Galaxy A80 SM-A805F/DS Dual Sim (Factory Unlocked) 6.7" 128GB 8GB RAM (Angel Gold) $608.40 Buy Now

Amazon affiliate plugin put multiple variation for the simple product demonstration tables. You can make the tables in different layouts. Using a quality plugin you can have multiple layouts like Grid, Box, List, Simple Table, etc.

4. Comparison Tables

Sometimes you also need to show products in a form of the comparison table. Comparison tables are the best way to compare multiple products at a glance. This also allows you to compare the most important features of the respective product in a comparative way. A quality Amazon affiliate plugin should also provide such an opportunity to its users. Here is another comparison table example using AzonPress plugin.

There can have more table layout facilities with a bunch of customizing options within the plugin. The product comparison table allows its viewer to take a direct decision with comparative data.

[💡 Thing to Consider: When comparing products, always try to focus on the key product features. You should avoid incorporating too much information on the table.]

5. Widgets

Widgets are a great way to place product grids into the sidebar of your website theme. Using these widgets, you can promote Amazon products on the additional spaces on your site.

amazon affiliate plugin

Widgets also allow you to choose on which pages or in which categories your widget should be displayed. A quality plugin definitely includes such an amazing feature like widget.

[💡 Thing to Consider: Widgets makes you able to display similar products, matching page contents for your readers.]


In fine, it can be said that an Amazon affiliate plugin at least should have 5 aforementioned features within itself. If any plugin fulfils these basic criteria, you can place affiliate links on your website.

If you are an affiliate of Amazon marketplace and want to advertise Amazon products on your site, I highly recommend you to use AzonPress Amazon affiliate plugin. You also can take a look at the documentation of the AzonPress plugin.

Hopefully, the article helped you with the Amazon affiliate plugin. If you are already using any Amazon affiliate plugin, let me know your concern about the experiences. You also can let me about what feature you would like to see on AzonPress in future.

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