Affiliate marketing is not just an “earn money on the internet” thing anymore. It is an entire industry worth billions! Therefore, you may want to monetize your blog through some affiliate links once you have earned some popularity as a blogger. We publish affiliate marketing tips quite often. And this time, we are back with some excellent Amazon affiliate link localizer plugins and tools.

Never heard such a term? Don’t worry. In this article, we’ll also explain what it means and how it can benefit you. 

So without further ado, let’s get straight into the topic.

Why should you localize your Amazon affiliate links?

Amazon has businesses all around the world. They have regional stores in many countries. 

Although they have one of the top affiliate programs, their affiliate program is limited to only thirteen countries. These include stores in the US, UK, Canada, Japan, Spain, Germany, France, Mexico, China, Italy, India, Brazil, and Australia. However, none of the Amazon stores are interconnected. 

As a result, you won’t get paid for a deal you made in the wrong Amazon store. Missing out on your deserved affiliate revenue can be frustrating when you are getting some audience from other countries. 

Assume that your website serves in the Spanish language. Since Mexicans share the same language, you’ll probably get some audience from Mexico. Getting traffic from any country is good news. 

But if you didn’t localize your links, the Mexican traffic will be redirected to Amazon’s regional store in Mexico. And since the stores aren’t interconnected, you will not receive any commissions from their purchases.

This can mean that you need to sign up for the different Amazon stores depending on your traffic. But no, you don’t have to go through that long hassle.

Amazon allows you to localize your Amazon affiliate links with Amazon OneLink. It’s a tool that will enable you to use a global link instead of using separate links for each Amazon locale. Aside from Amazon OneLink, several other plugins also give you that functionality.

We’re 100% sure that you wouldn’t want to miss out on your deserved affiliate revenue. And that’s why we want to introduce you to some of the best Amazon affiliate link localizer plugins and tools.

Here are our handpicked tools and plugins that will help you monetize your international traffic:

Best Amazon affiliate link localizer plugins and tools

Every tool comes with specific features and functionalities. The Amazon affiliate link localizer tools and plugins are no different. Many of these plugins have excellent conversion-oriented features. So you’re not just getting some Geo-targeting plugins, but will also get powerful Amazon affiliate plugins to maximize your conversion rates!

Amazon OneLink is the official Amazon affiliate link localizer tool. In fact, it is the foundation for most Amazon affiliate link localization tools or plugins.

To use this tool, you need to install the OneLink JavaScript on your website. It creates a globalized link to redirect your audience to the relevant Amazon storefront using the script.

Amazon OneLink works like a charm when your audience can’t find the exact product in their locale. It sends visitors to a close match product or the original store for an international order. Aside from that, Amazon OneLink has many more advanced features dedicated to link localization.

But OneLink does have some downsides too. It only allows you to create text links. There are no custom CTA buttons or modified link display options. Besides, OneLink JavaScript has some reported errors. It adds an additional 22,3 KiB (7,2 KiB compressed download) on your pages, causing a decrease in your website’s page loading time.


AzonPress is one of the most innovative Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress users. It helps users to Geo-target different Amazon locales to monetize their international traffic.

Since the country-wise geo-targeting is a legitimate way to eradicate One Link’s JavaScript issue, AzonPress can solve the speed issue that comes with Amazon OneLink.

However, in the future, Amazon may set barriers for country-wise geo-targeting. That’s why AzonPress also enabled users to use OneLink integration. If such circumstances arise, you can remain loyal to Amazon’s compliance policy.

Aside from the link localizer, AzonPress contains many sales-oriented features for Amazon affiliate marketers. With features such as product tables, comparison tables, bestseller lists, and virtually unlimited options to customize things, the plugin can boost your sales by 200%!

So regardless of your level in affiliate marketing, AzonPress is a must-have Amazon affiliate plugin.

No surprise, AzonPress is a premium plugin. So you have to spend a few bucks on it. Considering how it can boost your income, the price is a small percentage of your earning.

AzonPress is a premium plugin. So you have to spend a few bucks to get it. However, the price is only a small percentage of your earning, considering how it can boost your income!

AmaLinks Pro is another fantastic amazon affiliate WordPress plugin that utilizes multiple Amazon affiliate link localizing methods. They have enabled users to localize Amazon affiliate links using Genius link along with the official geo-targeting method(Amazon OneLink).

Both methods are simple to access. With AmaLinks Pro, you only need to place a Genius Link or Amazon OneLink code into your website’s back end. Like AzonPress, AmaLinks Pro developers have also encouraged users to use an alternate method, Genius Link, for geo-targeting until the javascript issue of OneLink is solved.

AmaLinks Pro will cost you around $67 – $527, depending on the plan you choose. Although geo-targeting through the Amazon OneLink method is free, there is a small charge for using Genius Link localization($2 per 1000 clicks).

Note that it’s not Amalinks Pro who charges this amount but is the Genius Link, which costs money. An Amazon affiliate link localizer tool will help you make more sales. A $2 cost for a thousand clicks on a purchase link isn’t that bad, right?

The plugin comes with its own distinctive features. It is one of the most reliable Amazon affiliate plugins that offer some excellent conversation optimized features such as product boxes and customized CTA buttons. 

Amazon Affiliates WordPress Plugin – AAWP

AAWP is the most famous Amazon affiliate plugin that has earned the trust of many affiliate marketers. Like all other popular Amazon affiliate plugins, AAWP allows users to monetize their international traffic with the GEO targeting feature. In fact, it supports more locales than the Amazon OneLink itself(14)!

AAWP, as an Amazon affiliate link localizer, does not utilize Amazon OneLink. You just need to provide a separate tracking ID for each of your affiliate accounts, and then the plugin will redirect users to their native amazon store using free third party IP tracking services. Besides, it allows you to select your desired IP tracking service from 3 different services.

The downside is that these IP tracking services are free, and they might not be very accurate. Besides, in terms of an affiliate policy change regarding how geo-targeting will function, you may need to integrate Amazon OneLink or wait for an AAWP update.

AAWP is the most advanced plugin for conversation optimization and affiliate linking features. However, if your only goal is geo-targeting, choosing a different tool would be wiser.

Amazon Link Engine

Amazon link engine is another Amazon affiliate link localizer plugin that is powered by the Genius Link mechanism. The plugin utilizes Genius Link’s five-step algorithm to find the most relevant product even when there is no exact match product. It will automatically turn your amazon affiliate links into global links. 

Compared to the other plugins link localization methods that find products by matching the product id, or ASIN, Genius Link’s mechanism digs deep into Amazon to find the relevant available product. It ensures that only the right affiliate products that are available will be displayed on your website.

However, you still need to pay $2 per 2000 clicks to use the revolutionary tool as per the Genius Link’s terms.

Geo-targeting Pro

Geo-targeting Pro is an avant-garde geolocalization WordPress plugin that is powered by Maxmind Geolite IP tracking services. So if you are integrating this plugin on your website, you can be pretty sure that 99.99% of your website visitors will be redirected to the correct Amazon storefront.

The plugin has a built-in drop-down menu for changing its location. It is a pretty handy feature in case Maxmind’s service fails. In addition, you can geo-target your posts or pages for intended visitors. All in all, Geotargeting Pro is a complete Amazon affiliate link localizer plugin.

However, since Geo-targeting Pro doesn’t have the essential features for Amazon affiliate marketing, it might not be a wise option.


 If you are familiar with Amazon affiliate plugins, EasyAzon needs no introduction at all! It is probably the plugin every Amazon affiliate marketers have come across at least once. Although the plugin has lost some popularity in recent times, it’s still an excellent Amazon affiliate plugin.

EasyAzon’s geo-targeting feature is only available in the pro version. It allows integrating multiple affiliate ID’s and helps marketers to redirect users to the correct Amazon locale. Besides, you can also manually select the country-wise redirection rules for each Amazon locale. 

In addition to geo-targeting, EasyAzon allows you to create custom CTA buttons, image affiliate links, product boxes that can significantly boost affiliate revenue, etc.


A marketer’s most exceptional quality is to see every opportunity and take advantage of it. If you are getting audiences from multiple locations, IP tracking can be a huge plus!

Since you will know other sources of your audience, you can also create an alternate language website for a firmer grip on them. It is a privilege for affiliate marketers that there are tools and plugins like the ones above. With that being said, we urge you to have an Amazon affiliate link localizer plugin if you didn’t have one before.

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