Best Practices For Amazon Affiliate Marketing Only Professional Marketers Need to Know

Best Practices For Amazon Affiliate Marketing

This article will talk about the best practices for Amazon affiliate marketing. By following these techniques, you can achieve more sales through your channels. As more people are getting involved in Amazon affiliate marketing, there’s a chance to fall in the chasm. Follow the tips described here and you can enjoy a better, efficient marketing career.

Divided by different segments, we’ll cover multiple range of topics to ensure maximum benefits for our readers. Starting with the techniques to select the products, the discussion will continue to best SEO practice, website structure, content creation, and more. If you’re still overwhelmed, read our guide on how to get started with Amazon affiliate marketing.

How to select the best products from Amazon

Best Practices For Amazon Affiliate Marketing

To make sure the success with Amazon affiliate marketing, you need to know how to select the right products. The most effective approach would be choosing the products that best match your niche. You should feature only the products that may be of your visitor’s interest. Suppose your website is about computer accessories then you might choose wireless mice and gaming keyboards, etc. For more tips, follow the rest of the article.

Choose the products matching your niche (contents)

As you know, affiliate marketers work based on a specific category (it might be multi-categories, as well.) While you’re picking products from Amazon, narrow down your finding by particular products and the keywords you’re working with. Find the products based on the topic and then organize them with other parameters if you would like.

Broaden your product selection

While you’re promoting in a particular niche, you should widen the range of products. Many of your readers might have a variety of choices and you should take advantage of it. Amazon is full of enormous items across from hundreds of categories. You can increase your sales by expanding the products. For instance, if you promote mobile phones, you should also consider phone covers, earphones, mobile-related gadgets, etc.

Don’t overlook additional products

Amazon shows the similar, related products when you see a specific item. Look at the bottom side of a product description. You’ll find the similar products in multiple sections like “Customers who viewed this item also viewed” and “Customers who bought this item also bought”. Including these items to your promotions will increase the sales. For example, you may promote pullover alongside the jogger pants.

Analyze the order reports to find out more

As a registered affiliate, Amazon will allow you to see the customers behavior reports from your dashboard. From there, you can discover the products your customers bought right after visiting your site. Hence, you may choose some products for direct promotion without further research or analysis.

High-price product

Since the commission depends on the price of a product, you should choose the products with a higher price. The commission rate varies from 4%-10%, which is relevant to categories, as well. It’s important to work with the categories that pay a higher rate and products with a bigger price.

How to attract more customers

Best Practices For Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Use bold CTA

Sometimes your customers need manipulation and you’re going to do that positively. Alongside providing with the high-quality contents, you get the buyers convinced with the attractive call to actions. If you want to send your customers to other pages within your website, use internal linking or blockquote. Similarly, for making them purchase something, use buy buttons.

Amazon has a collection of beautiful CTA buttons. You’ll find them on Amazon SiteStripe or any standard third-party Amazon Affiliate tool. If you don’t use them, make your own design. People want to click. Make the buttons bold and engaging. But make sure you are abiding by the brand usage policy set by Amazon while designing the custom CTA buttons.

Mobile-ready websites

Make your site mobile responsive. The discussion has become so cliche that we don’t want to talk about the importance of making a site mobile-adaptive. Keep certain things in your mind to meet this special requirements.

Google ranks websites on mobile platforms separately. As the number of smartphone users is increasing, you may not get all your traffic if not utilizing mobile sites correctly. Therefore, using a high-end WordPress theme can ensure better visibility of your affiliate blog across mobile devices.

How to create better contents

Best Practices For Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Users need contents to get their questions answered. Google loves contents to satisfy its searchers for the queries they make. On the other side, as a marketer, you can’t step forward without creating contents. Let’s get to know how to create contents that convert.

Buyer keywords

When people make searches online they go from general searches to particular queries. If they want to buy something their search terms represent that. In your contents, you should focus those buyer-intent keywords. The example of a general keyword could be “memory foam mattress” or “benefits of memory foam mattress”. On the other hand, the buyer-target keywords would be something like “best memory foam mattresses” or “memory foam mattress under $500”.

Use product comparison charts

People come to your website to get information before making any decision. The quicker you can inform them the faster they will convert. Eye-catching comparison charts for the top products can work like a charm here. From a single table, they learn about the most compelling products. We suggest you to put comparison table at the beginning of the post. You can discuss in details about them later though. Using the best table builder plugin, you can save your time and boost the conversion.

Fresh contents

Without posting regular contents, your site will lose traffic eventually; although you might have been on top ranking for the time. Google, in most cases, is the primary source of traffic of a website. And, Google loves fresh content. No updates mean no ranking. Finally, there will be a downfall in your revenue. Besides, more contents mean you can cover a lot more keywords. As a result, you’ll have more ranking opportunities.

Create best seller lists

In comparison posts, you may talk about different products based on various criteria. The best seller list will show your customers the most successful products which people are choosing. This way you can increase the conversion by intriguing user’s trust. Nevertheless, these posts are time-consuming and you may not create them regularly. But if you have a tool that can create Amazon products bestseller list by itself, go for that without a second thought! Not to say that the variation in content will save your site from being mundane.

Best SEO practices

Best Practices For Amazon Affiliate Marketing

The SEO has a powerful impact on websites that hold places on the top of SERPs. SEO needs a comprehensive plan covering keyword research, content creation, and website’s structure. Below are some of best practices to make your site ready for the competition.

Long-tail, low-competition keywords

Blogging is so far the most effective source of affiliate marketing. And, the success with blogging entirely depends on the keywords you’re working with. For the beginners and on-budget marketers, low competition keywords are the hidden power towards the massive traffic gains. What about the keyword length? Yes, there’s nothing more beneficial than the long-tail keywords. Don’t stop at two or three words phrase, go for more. You don’t necessarily have to worry about the search volume (even if it’s low).

SEO titles and meta descriptions

The title of your website and the title on the search results might be same. The fact is you can change it in both places. When users are already on a particular post, the title doesn’t matter much. But, to get them click on your post is challenging while they see it on the top ten list of Google search page. Use Yoast plugin and write an engaging SEO title. Meta description helps your readers and Google get an idea of what your article is about. Write it with proper, concise information including your keywords (again from Yoast).

Clean up your navigation

The well-structured navigation can be highly very beneficial for users and search engines to understand the site’s information. When your site has a lot of articles, people may get tired to find what they’re looking for. You can utilize the basic options. A CMS provides such categories, tools, sidebar, etc. Also, apply breadcrumb techniques to your navigation so that the location of a particular page can be identified easily.

Use keyword variations

Best Practices For Amazon Affiliate Marketing

It’s a good practice to include related keywords along with the main keywords. This way, you can enjoy more reach with your contents. Keyword synonyms, related searches suggested by Google, and LSI (or industry keywords) – these are the places you will find the similar keywords which you can inject in your blog posts. In your text, headings, and anchor text, these keywords can be incorporated for better outcomes.

Include keywords in the prominent positions

To clarify the focus keyword to Google, you need to place it on the important parts of a blog post. Starting from the URL, the other locations to mention the keyword are: title, subheadings, image alt, and the text. Mentioning the main keyword in the beginning paragraph will give you some extra benefits. Also, don’t forget to apply the keyword in your SEO title and meta description which appear in the SERPs.

Integrate images properly

Readers love rich contents, contents that come up with an elaborate solution to their queries. Google also prefers the posts with most information covered. To enrich the content you have no better way than adding pictures to your posts (unless you consider adding videos). Make sure you make all your images tinified or compressed for faster loading. Include your keyword in the alt tag section and keep the images as JPEG or .jpg format.

Don’t skip internal linking

Internal linkings are the holy grails that strengthen your site internally. When you pass link juice from one page to another page on the same site, the pages get stronger. Thus, visitors as well as search engines can easily know the structure of your site. Moreover, the relevant links boosts user engagement and help reduce bounce rate.

Build quality, relevant backlinks

Best Practices For Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Well, backlinks aren’t dead yet and their power still on the rule. However, you need to be punctilious when getting links from others. First, be sure the links are coming from the relevant sites. Second, try to get links from high-authority websites. If you get spammy, low-quality, and irrelevant backlinks, your site will eventually get penalized.

Google Analytics for tracking website’s performance

It’s not enough to make plans and execute them. You also need to know whether the SEO measures you have taken have worked, too. This is not a direct SEO action, by the way, but it helps to take further attempts. We have mentioned Google Analytics here because it’s free and it provides you with enough data to analyze your site’s overall performance. You can learn how your site works, which pages are actually doing better, how the customers are interecting with your site, and a lot more.

Google Search Console

In addition to using Google Analytics you can also get benefits from Google Search Console (previously known as Webmaster tool). While Analytics will give you traffic stats of your site Search Console lets you understand the site’s performance on Google. What information people are looking for in your website, for what queries your site gains what positions and to identify other problems, Search Console will give you insights to improve.

Submit your sitemap

This is a powerful tactic to show Google your website’s structure. Google loves to follow a sitemap while it crawls a website. On the other hand a sitemap is a signal to Google that your site exists when nobody knows about it. But, the question is how will you create a sitemap? No worries, there are web tools and plugins for sitemap generation. Even with Yoast, you can create a sitemap and make it ready for the search engines.

Best practices for website

Best Practices For Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Your website is the most important tool you need to promote the affiliate products. But, is the blog ready to amass the potential buyers?

Use WordPress

WordPress is a content management system which has a massive-level popularity among the bloggers and internet marketers. User-friendliness, supporting tools, a seriously large community, and availability of resources – all these together made WordPress one of the best thing online. Start your blog through WordPress, you can handle all the contents more conveniently. Besides WordPress is an SEO-friendly CMS which will help you stand out from the crowd. With your knowledge level (basic or advanced), you can quickly learn how to maintain a WordPress site.

Use plugins

If your blog is in WordPress, you can accomplish more tasks easily by using plugins. For almost any pain regarding blogging or similar matters, you’ll find the remedy in a brilliant manner. From SEO to image optimization, cache management to form building, email harvesting to table creation – WordPress plugins are there for every problem. These tools made the marketers’ task easier and definitely save a bulk load of time.

Put your user’s shoes on (UX/UI)

Both the look of your website (user interface) and the functionality (user experience) play a significant role in terms of traffic acquisition. An eye-soothing view of your site gives a warm welcome to the first-time visitors. You also have to think about your visitors while keeping things organized. Don’t put them where you would like. Set them considering your user’s best benefit.

Faster loading speed

Best Practices For Amazon Affiliate Marketing

To haul the visitor’s best attention, your site needs to load faster. Users take less than three seconds to decide whether to stay or leave a website. If your site takes too much time to load then you are going to lose a potential number of visitors. Not only that, the search engines will also mark you as a slower site which will affect your ranking. How can you get rid of the slower website? The site’s loading time mainly depends on the hosting you’ve chosen. Then, there come the other things such as coding structure, JavaScript load, bulky images, and burden of plugins.

Small tip: Use WordPress caching plugins to manage caching processes. It will help improve your website’s loading speed.


Before ending up, we would also like to mention a few best practices for success in Amazon affiliate marketing.

Images holding affiliate links

Not to mention that it’s an overlooked technique by the marketers. By implementing this method correctly, you can add more conversion to your bucket. Visitors might not often click the images still you shouldn’t miss out the chance to get your products clicked. Get an Amazon affiliate link manager tool to do the job on behalf you.

Don’t make the common mistakes

Best Practices For Amazon Affiliate Marketing

As a beginner, it’s important to keep your site safe from getting banned by Amazon. Not only that, for getting more conversion, you should avoid the mistakes other folks made when they begun. Learn about the mistakes Amazon affiliate marketers make and stay out the danger zone.

Problem-specific contents

When generating contents, consider to add some problem-focused contents. Many people come to your site after searching the solution to their particular questions. If you can produce some in-depth and comprehensive guides in your website, they will surely bring you some positive outcomes. Once you achieved the trust from the audience, you can always extend it for more profits beyond just conversion.

Closing remarks

Hopefully, some of the best practices stated above will benefit you getting more sales through your Amazon affiliate links. Yes, you can send an abundant traffic to Amazon and then you can expect for the maximum conversion. Also, you need to follow-up which tactics work well to find out the best techniques for future.

Also, the tool like AzonPress can give you more power to implement various strategies, in addition to the best practices stated above. The summary of all the long discussions is you have to send as many traffic as possible to Amazon. Because Amazon is the master of conversion they will take care of the visitors they receive.

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