What is Protocol on the Web?

What is Protocol on the Web?

A protocol is a collection of rules used by computers that are combined, or networked collectively, which define how the computers interact or communicate with one other. In internet protocol, all the connections are made through by an internet.

What is Protocol on the Web?

There are various protocols that manage interplays at multiple levels in the networked computing environment we know as the Internet. For instance, some Internet protocols are employed to govern how data is transferred between two computers, or other devices, while other protocols manage how data is transferred at the software level. For instance, I am telling something about FTP.

FTP is a protocol that computers on the web use to transport files to and from one another computer. If you’re creating a website in WordPress, FTP is a crucial portion of the process. FTP allows you to upload your files from your computer to a hosted paid or unpaid web server so that your website is can view it on the internet. The best way to make use of FTP is through an FTP client.

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