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Introducing BetterDocs – best Knowledgebase documentation solution for WordPress. Within a year, BetterDocs has hit 10,000+ active users which means 10,000+ WordPress websites are using this documentation plugin to create their Knowledgebase to reduce support tickets.

In today’s world, information is everything. Each and every day you will get new customers. You have to train them up on your products or services. Most importantly you have to give 24/7 support to satisfy them in order to build a strong buyer-seller relationship. But you can’t expect to satisfy your customers until you create documentation with proper guidelines on your products. 

People nowadays try to find the most workable software or plugins to create their online documentation site. How actively you are managing your technical content will help you boost your site traffic and add credibility to your business. Along with that, it will help your users or upcoming buyers to learn about your products, services, and specialty in one place. They can further analyze their needs and make a quick decision to purchase. Hence in this article, you will learn about Knowledgebase, its effectiveness, and what you should consider to create and manage your online documentation for lifetime support.  


The knowledgebase is for writing technical documentation on your products and services. It would be a step by step guide that is different from random blogs. Your customer will get an exact idea about your products’ features and functions in an instant. It would consist of proper media files to make everything crystal clear from the users’ perspective.

On the other hand, Knowledgebase Management is to organize and store your particular online technical documentation in one place securely. The primary concern of Knowledgebase Management is to provide your users with the fastest solution without diverting their focus on irrelevant blogs. It helps to improve self-servicing and encourages users to find out their solution without taking anyone’s help. This can help your business to run smoother to a great extent.

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Purpose Of Creating Knowledgebase

Continuing long chats with support teams for on-spot solutions make work difficult for both ends. But customers have their urgency and helpdesk have to maintain their queue. For this reason, self-servicing is effective and getting popular day by day. Your customers can take instant help using Knowledgebase documentation. This is why 82% of people now choose Knowledgebase over support to find product information. With a good self-service, users are encouraged to figure out the solution to their problems on their own accord. This is just one of the factors behind liking Knowledgebase, but let’s get into a more in-depth discussion.

Encourage Self-Servicing To Reduce Support Pressure

We have already got an idea about the popularity of Knowledgebase in recent times. It includes all technical documentation of product usage, FAQs, or tutorial-based detailed blogs with concise instructions and proper media file visualization. All one has to do is to search and find out the exact solution and then follow the step by step guidelines. It would save both your time and energy. 

But suppose you are creating a ticket for your product installation at the support desk. They will respond to you as soon as they can, but they have to maintain a first come first serve policy. In such a case you are obviously stuck with your product that you need to start instantly. However, you can skip this entire ordeal and successfully save your time by taking the matter to self-servicing. Thanks to its 24/7 availability and to the point instruction, you can solve the matter without asking for anyone’s help. It definitely reduces random queries for the support desk and increases productivity.

Faster Decision Making Process To Encourage Purchasing

We must consider a user’s mindset both before and after purchase. One will definitely search and get to know about the product in detail before deciding to purchase online. If you think about the after-effects, it would be related to product usage or facing any problems with it. In both cases, a buyer needs to make faster decisions and needs help in the process.

Knowledgebase support is unlimited, and you can take help anytime just by direct searching. It will come with the perfect solution to your problems in no time. This definitely faster your decision-making process.

A quick glance of how BetterDocs can help your users get to know your product better

Make Product More Reliable For Active & Potential Buyers

Your active users already know about your product through your proper Knowledgebase documentation support. It helps them to solve their problem instantly by self-servicing. A satisfied customer will definitely recommend your products to others. This is an effective honest marketing approach you can take.

Research also says, 35% of potential customers get influenced by users’ recommendations before making any purchase decision. With a higher recommendation, buyers will feel more enthusiastic and make a faster decision to get it. Knowledgebase can affect both your active and potential buyers. They can easily compare your products against other competitors to make a well-informed decision. With the help of Knowledgebase, your products seem transparent to buyers. In return, they will find your business to be more reliable and trustworthy.

Help To Index Quickly On Search Engine Result

For an online business, it’s really important to get indexed on search engine results. This is crucial for your business to get more customers and maximize profit. Without creating hype on search engines, you will not be able to run your business successfully in this medium. Knowledgebase documentation and FAQs help you get indexed on different search engines Google, Bing, etc. very quickly. People are constantly making queries about products. Hence if you maintain an online documentation site, it will help you to make a top position in search engine results.

Improve Content Marketing Strategy

It is clear from the above discussion, knowledgebase documentation is one of the most effective solutions that customers get attached to after they have purchased any product. You can increase your website engagement, add credibility, and give 24/7 support through self-servicing with up to date content. This helps you reduce pressure on support help, and in the meantime educate your customer to feel more encouraged and get involved. So this type of details step by step documentation helps you to improve your content marketing strategies without any hassle.

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Why Should You Choose WordPress Knowledgebase Plugin?

Knowledgebase software is hosted by the service providers with monthly or yearly subscriptions like Zendesk, Documentation360, or others. It’s become quite an expensive one to start with and further continuing. On the other hand, WordPress Knowledgebase plugins are self-hosted and cheaper than SAAS mediums. You can consider both the free and the premium versions of the plugins. It will do an amazing job of organizing and maintaining your Online Documentation Site. And the pro version of Knowledgebase Documentation is also cost-effective with a yearly subscription policy. BetterDocs comes with both Free and Pro versions by including all exclusive features and functions. It comes in handy for anyone who wants to get a perfect Knowledgebase solution.


How Can You Manage Knowledgebase Using BetterDocs?

BetterDocs comes with its beautiful and organized in-built design of documentation sites. It also provides customization features. You can easily decorate your Knowledgebase site as per your desires. You can choose from different types of theme layout and style it exclusively. Not only that, you can add shortcodes and widgets too. It comes with a by-default advanced search option. Your users or visitors can search for anything they want to know. It will visualize all the possible answers just after typing a character on the search panel.

BetterDocs settings panel

You can insert multiple categories and tags to your documentation. It also comes with its premade automated Table of Contents (TOC) along with the Stick TOC features. If you add any headers or subheaders to your technical blogs, it will drag that header to TOC and add a link to that portion. Your visitors can see what your content is offering and click on exactly what they want to know. Sticky one will get along with your readers to the last and help them to get back their desired blog parts.

Plethora of settings options are offered by BetterDocs

BetterDocs also comes with Instant Answer support to the Knowledgebase site. If you enable this feature, it will assist your visitors with instant text documentation. This will surely reduce random queries on support. You can even use this chatbot in non WordPress sites by configuring its cross-domain integration.


Besides, it is integrated with Analytics. You can evaluate your visitor performance on your Knowledgebase documentation. It will encourage and help you to update and make a better representation of technical content for the future.

Make data-driven informed decisions

Now you can even create and manage multiple Knowledgebase sites beautifully using its ‘Multiple KB’ features that come with BetterDocs Pro. It’s a fully functional solution when you have got multiple products or services and need to get a separate site for it.

Manage multiple knowledgebases with one tool

Also, if you want, you can now migrate from your existing Knowledgebase plugin to BetterDocs just by following some simple steps. For this, you can check out this detailed documentation.


Guess what! It’s fully compatible with the Elementor page builder for creating a single doc and has three separate elements with Essential Addons for Elementor. Using this, you can showcase your amazing BetterDocs documentation on your Elementor website and reduce the load on support.


So if you want to run your business using an online platform, you must learn to utilize the power of your Knowledgebase documentation. It makes your business credible for both active and potential buyers. Also, enriches your website traffic and reduces support desk tickets provenly. Knowledgebase documentation adds an extra advantage to your content marketing strategies too.

Final Thoughts

After analyzing BetterDocs’s features and functions, its effectiveness and exclusiveness are clear as daylight. It will provide you with faster-automated support. No need of creating manual TOC for documentation or to add anything. Its ready design is quite advanced to go with. Moreover, they provide customization facilities and give you the full authority to decorate your Knowledgebase. In one complete plugin, you are getting it all to manage and organize your online documentation site.

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** This piece was written by the WPDeveloper team.

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