The Best Affiliate Marketing Strategies for Newbies

  • Promote Already Established Products
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Promote High Paying Products
  • Look for Products That Offer Recurring Revenue
  • Make the Best First Impression with an Excellent Landing Page
  • SEO
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If you have stepped into affiliate marketing, your only goal is to turn that “Make Money Online” dream into a reality. It’s pretty straightforward. But among thousands of affiliate marketers, only a handful of people have done it to date. That’s when affiliate marketing strategies for newbie marketers come into play!


Because they were able to capture the demand of this extraordinary industry. Determining this demand is no rocket science or a magic formula of affiliate marketing.

There is only one formula of affiliate marketing, and that is, creating the best marketing strategies to attract, engage, and delight people around the affiliate products that you are promoting. If you succeed in your quest, you will end up in the list of those handful amounts of people who made money online.

Why Newbies Struggle with Affiliate Marketing Strategies?

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There’s no doubt that more and more people are becoming interested in affiliate marketing. Why wouldn’t they? Even millionaires will be fascinated by a consistent source of passive income. And if you’ve got what it takes to succeed, that’s what affiliate marketing can promise.

BO Bennett has mentioned affiliate marketing as an industry that can turn ordinary people into millionaires, and there’s hardly anyone who will disagree on it (unless you come up to someone who knows nothing about affiliate marketing).

The point is that if people know about a source of earning, they will chase it with their full desperation. Besides, there’s no shortage of available resources about affiliate marketing.

So people will try many affiliate marketing strategies, how-to guides, and may even come up with new ideas for marketing. As a result, the internet is overcrowded with countless affiliate links that never produce any affiliate revenue.

But if your goal is to make real money by affiliate marketing, you need to come up with strategies that professionals are using. In this article, I will cover the best affiliate marketing strategies for newbies that will hopefully help you enjoy some success in affiliate marketing. Before getting started, here’s a quick overview:

  1. Promote Already Established Products
  2. Content Marketing
  1. Email Marketing
  2. Promote High Paying Products
  3. Look for Products That Offer Recurring Revenue
  4. Make the Best First Impression with an Excellent Landing Page
  5. SEO
  6. Social Media Marketing
  7. Bonus: Set Up Real-Time Updates

The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Strategies for Newbies

A marketer is an intelligent person who sees opportunities where other people get stuck. They use everything to their advantage and wait for the correct time for making an action. As an affiliate marketer, you should do the same too.

However, there are already some popular strategies that have already paid off for others in the business. here they are:

1. Promote Already Established Products From Reputed Brands

Most affiliate marketing guidelines are focused on finding low-competitive niche products. As long as they are established, have excellent reviews, and provide good value for your audience, there’s no harm in promoting them.

Well-known Product, affiliate marketing strategy

But sometimes newbie affiliate marketers try to focus on some relatively unknown products. Several reasons such as a high commission rate, lower product price, and too many people promoting the same product influence their decision.

Think from your perspective, would you consider purchasing relatively unknown or in other words, new products from a completely unknown brand? Most probably, the answer is a NO unless you know one or two things about the product or the brand itself. But it still doesn’t make sense to promote these kinds of products to random people on the internet that have arrived at your website.

For instance, SEMrush is an extremely powerful keyword research tool and is very well known throughout the world. But if you choose not to promote it and go for some new keyword research tool just because too many of your competitors are promoting SEMrush, you will miss out on the fantastic conversation rate of SEMrush.

Just as the product, brands play a significant role in the sales conversation. No one will hesitate to buy from brands such as Samsung or Apple because they are brands that are known to produce high-quality products, again and again!

That’s why it will be wiser to promote products and brands that have already established a reputation and are performing well for the respective niche.

2. Content Marketing(The Ultimate Difference-Maker)

If you are in the affiliate marketing field, and you’re still unaware of how significantly content marketing can impact your affiliation, you can’t expect any affiliate revenue. By any means, content marketing is the ultimate difference-maker between a successful and unsuccessful affiliate.

Best affiliate marketing strategy | content marketing

If you are still unsure about how it works, Hubspot is a leader in online marketing, and they get 80% of their traffic through content marketing. Not just Hubspot, but most online leaders built their business, trust, and reputation through content marketing. So there is no alternative to publishing exclusive blog posts on your website.

Now that you know the importance of content marketing, the next question is, what should you write?

Since your goal is to attract and engage people to lure them into buying through content, here are a few types of blog content you can publish:

Honest Review

Every coin has a good and a bad side; so does a product. But if the product can deliver what the customer needs, don’t be afraid to add an honest review about it.

Product reviews aren’t small descriptions of a product; they help educate people about a product. Whenever someone sees a product,  potential buyers try to find out what it can offer them and how it can benefit them. Besides, they also try to find out if the product has any drawbacks involved.

An honest review can clear all their questions and doubts about the product. If they find it beneficial for them after reading the review, they will buy the product.

Comparison Article

Comparing products is an excellent way to promote multiple products at once. You might wonder how a product can be promoted if some other products can provide more value for money, but there will always be several factors that a customer might consider.

Here’s a comparison table made with AzonPress comparing a few Notebooks:

AzonPress Comparison Table

While the best pick, Lenovo Ideapad boosts with some compelling features, Acer Chromebook is a cheap option. On the other hand, Dell I3565 is a budget option for quality performance.

As I have mentioned in some of my other articles, every customer will have different requirements. You never know which one they might end up buying. If you want to promote a few similar products, comparison articles can do wonders!

Try to provide a detailed comparison table in your comparison articles. Sometimes, visitors skip the whole post and look for the necessary details instead. The comparison table above is a beautiful example of such an information table. If you want to create such comparison tables, get the AzonPress plugin for WordPress.

DIY Guide

DIY guides are another form of content that you can publish for your visitors. Not everyone would want to buy a product every time they get online. They might be in there searching for a solution to their problem. If you think that you can provide the answer, create a few DIY guides for your visitors.

DIY guides are a great source of online traffic. If you can solve the problems of your audience through DIY guides, they might end up choosing one of your suggested solutions, aka product for themselves.

Case Studies

Once someone becomes interested in a product, he/she might want to find out some users’ opinions. If possible, try to buy the product that you are promoting and write your real experience with the product. A case study will help customers understand the actual result or experience of using a product.

Suppose someone is interested in buying a mobile phone but is unsure if it will have the exact battery life that it says. In that case, if you have personal experience with the mobile, you will be able to tell the exact battery duration of it.

This kind of approach might be the last push that customers need for buying. So try to include a few case studies in your content marketing strategy.

3. Email Marketing

You were probably expecting this one. Email marketing is an evergreen marketing tactic that has been a game-changer for affiliate marketers, along with content marketing.

Email marketing, Affiliate marketing technique

You can use emails to connect with people, generate direct affiliate sales, or inform them of any promotional activities. 

Although you may not be allowed to sell affiliate products through email marketing at times, it’s always possible to hold on to your website visitors and keep them engaged in your blog through email.

The general idea is to collect as many leads as possible. To do that, you can use lead generation tools and plugins. One such plugin is WP Fluent Forms. It’s a simple drag and drop form builder that allows you to create a form in no time.

Whenever someone visits your website, you can ask them to fill out their names and email address in the form so that you can reach them with new products, offers, and any other promotional activities.

Need a Marketing Automation Tool?

For effective email marketing, it’s best to use a marketing automation tool. They allow you to set up automated, time-based, trigger-based, or behavioral emails so that you don’t have to manually handle email marketing and the tasks involved with email marketing. However, you should choose a marketing tool with efficient email deliverability and low cost. If you’re using WordPress, we suggest FluentCRM. This is a WordPress plugin, but it comes with all the features you need to automate your marketing emails.

fluentcrm, wordpress crm, wordpress email marketing plugin

Note that it’s not wise to reach out to a visitor too many times. So if you are sending automated emails, make sure that you don’t send too many. Instead, analyze your buyer persona and send them only the necessary updates.

4. Promote High Paying Products

It’s alright if you are promoting a lot of small-paying products. But it’s necessary to promote a few high-paying products as well.

Compared to the earlier times, a lot of affiliate programs are paying low commission rates. One such affiliate program is Amazon Associates. Whereas once it offered up to 15% commission rates, it is only offering a tiny commission rate nowadays. Some other affiliate programs are also likely to do that as well.

So why is that relatable to promoting high-paying products?

That’s because high-paying products can fill the gap between low earnings and high expenditures. Besides, most high ticket products will produce a nice amount of affiliate revenue compared to low-paying products.

5. Look for Products That Offer Recurring Revenue

As an affiliate marketer, one of your fundamental goals should be building a sustainable source of recurring revenue.

It’s no lie that the more visits you will receive, the more affiliate revenue you will earn. But even the slightest alteration on the search engine algorithms can impact the number of visits to your website significantly. If you weren’t able to create a sustainable source of affiliate income by then, all of your plans might collapse.

So try to find a few products that offer recurring revenue. These are mostly subscription-based products and provide a pretty stable source of affiliate revenue.

6. Make the Best First Impression with an Excellent Landing Page

It is said that the first impression is the last. Besides, there’s no doubt that one of your goals is to build a reputation.

Most of your audience will be driven from social media, direct searches, or direct emails to one of your content or product pages. If it doesn’t provide a good impression, the visitor isn’t likely to come back ever again. So it is vital to create an excellent landing page.

I suggest you use Elementor to create a landing page. It is effortless to use and gets your landing page ready quickly. Moreover, you can also ask for the customer’s email addresses through your landing page. More lead, more sales!

7. SEO

Although it might take time, this one marketing strategy stands above all, simply because it’s impossible to maintain your income-expense rate through PPC campaigns. 

If you opt for PPC campaigns, you might end up spending more than what you will receive. That is why it will be better to focus on building sustainable organic traffic. 

The most effective way to grow organic traffic is by implementing quality SEO tactics. A strategy discussed earlier in the article; content marketing is a promising method to rank on search engines. But you may still struggle to achieve your desired SEO ranking if your website does not boost with some relevant and natural backlink.

So you should take your time, do extensive research, and invest in SEO in order to drive traffic that will convert into sales!

8. Social Media Marketing

The best affiliates prioritize social media marketing as a crucial strategy, and so should you. Social media is so crowded that you can share anything, and it will still attract some people.

However, the actual concept of social media marketing is a different kettle of fish. You can set up social media campaigns if you are confident. Still, I would recommend using social media to complement your other affiliate marketing strategies, such as content and blog posts.

It is good to be remembered than to be lost. If you can connect with your audience on social media, you’ll have no fear of being overlooked!

9. Bonus: Set Up Real-Time Updates

Although it’s not a proven method yet, a lot of affiliate marketers have had success by including real-time updates on their websites.

This method is particularly useful in keeping the audience engaged. While randomly visiting a webpage, people might get a notification that someone has purchased a new item or someone has commented on a particular post.

People may act just like they do on social media and check what others are doing, and might be influenced by what others are doing.

Even if it’s not a proven method, there’s no penalty for trying it as a marketing strategy. So I would suggest setting up real-time updates on your site any day.

The Bottom Line

Affiliate marketing is an ocean of unlimited possibilities. I can mention a few more marketing tactics that any newbies can implement, but the extent of success you experience will depend on how you have utilized your opportunities. 

For example, most 20% discount coupon codes are likely to increase your sales by 40%.

The secret of successful affiliation depends on your market sense, and the factors involved in it. But the above tactics are a great way to begin your journey. Hopefully, they will help you achieve your beginner objectives for affiliate marketing, and I wish you all the best.

Before you go, here’s a quick tip:

Install WordPress on your website and use an Amazon affiliate marketing plugin. They can help you optimize your pages and posts for higher conversation rates in addition to saving a lot of time.

By clicking the button above, you can try one of the most innovative Amazon affiliate marketing plugin, AzonPress. We have tailored it for those who want to become pioneers of Amazon affiliate marketing.

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