21 Approaches to Make Cash with Amazon Affiliate Program

20 Approaches to Make Cash with Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program

As you start reading this article, it can be safely assumed that you are already aware of the buzzword “Amazon Affiliate Program”, aren’t you?

If the answer is yes, then you are exactly in the right place to settle your state of mind.

The reason I am choosing the topic is the demand of the time. I am talking about the Amazon Affiliate Program. Now the affiliate program is raising its value almost like a hot cake. Therefore, among all the affiliate platforms, Amazon is one of the leading platforms in the market. Today, in this article, I am going to demonstrate 10 approaches to make money through the Amazon Affiliate Programme.

Before Starting

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You may have heard about people who are making good fortune with affiliate marketing. Working from home with flexible hours and making money; it’s pretty appealing, right?

Since you are reading this article, you may want to be a part of this business too. You might have already spent money on buying a domain, paid for hosting, or have hired a web page designer; but in return, you may not be earning as you anticipated.

As a matter of fact that you may have given your best effort, but not on the right track. There are lots of affiliate platforms in the market but among many other affiliate programs, the Amazon affiliate program is the best. If you haven’t tried it yet, then try it now or if you are already in then follow the tactics I am mentioning. Amazon associates are the pioneer in the field of an affiliate programs.

Ok, you got an idea but before we get into the details we should know some basics of the Amazon Affiliate Program which might make you understand precisely. First of all, let’s have a look at affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

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Basically, Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting products of others’. You can find the products you like, promote them to others and earn a portion of the profit for each sale that you make. When someone individually contributes to sell or promote others’ products, then that seller is called an affiliate.

When it comes to online marketing, affiliates do their job through their website, blogs, and other Social media. By doing the promotion of someone else’s product, affiliates receive a commission. Affiliate marketing is a very promising marketing policy nowadays. In business, marketing is everything. unless you can sell a product, that product is worth nothing.

Amazon Associate Programme

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Amazon associate program is one of the first affiliate programs in the marketing arena which was launched in 1996. Since then, through this platform, many people have changed their destinies. As it’s an internationally recognized brand and its reputation is so much significant, it can be a very salutary platform for someone who wants to start affiliate marketing.

Amazon’s reputation wasn’t built overnight. First of all, we have to mention that, it’s cover a huge marketplace. Amazon has a wide variety of products that can be affiliated. Name any product you need on a daily basis, you will find it on Amazon.

Moreover, it has a decent amount of commission policy. You can earn up to 10% commission. If your referral buys any product using your given link then you will be paid a certain amount of commission against that respective product.

Again you will get a 15% referral if you can sell gadgets. What you need to do is just create a website, give a thorough review, guide your audiences properly so that they wouldn’t regret it.

How to Make Money with the Amazon Affiliate Program

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To generate commission through an affiliate program isn’t such an easy task rather it’s a matter of implementing some effective tactics in order to gain maximum coverage. Here are the 21 most effective approaches you can adopt and implement in your Amazon affiliate program.

  1. First, Learn to Earn
  2. Select a Suitable Niche
  3. Register for Domain & Hosting
  4. Create a Website
  5. Define a Decent Theme
  6. Categorize Your Products
  7. Make a List of the Best Products
  8. Do Research on Keyword
  9.  Start Writing
  10. Link Images to Amazon
  11. Give Honest Reviews
  12. Use Content Link
  13. Advertise Your Products
  14. Make Your Website Looks Good
  15. Include an Email Marketing Service
  16. Post Links Regularly
  17. Promote Worthy Products
  18. Add Buy Button
  19. Formulate a Product Comparison Grid
  20. Build an Email List
  21. Use Quality Plugin

Now, come to the detailed observation of all the tactics mentioned above.

1. First, Learn to Earn

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Before going into the affiliate program practically you need to know some prior things which are a prerequisite for getting started. Take overall ideas and think about your niche topic. You can say this basic preparation. Learn about the privacy policy, terms, and conditions part of the Amazon affiliate program.

I am talking about things like how to maintain a website from scratch, like the domains, hosting materials, add texts, images. You might also need to know the basics of HTML for better maintenance. It’s not an obvious matter that you need but for getting a better output you require to consider those things.

2. Select a Suitable Niche

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Niche is one of the crucial issues for having a proper affiliate site. Choose a suitable niche topic for your affiliate according to the market demand. A suitable niche topic will let you grow to the next level. Make a proper study for choosing your niche topic so that you can figure out which product would be the best suited for the day.

Make a proper list, think about your favorite things, or look for gaps in the marketplace – all possible ways to find a wonderful niche for your Amazon affiliate program. You can choose your niche following your interest if it matches the interest of the market.

If it doesn’t make a choice that matches the market most. Otherwise, it couldn’t be a significant part of your entire business. Always keep in mind that your niche should be based on a category of things that narrow down the interests of your possible customers. Choose a specific category niche to start with which is most demandable for your business.

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The next thing you need to do is register for your expected domain and then for hosting as well. Select a proper hosting provider in order to have a sound performance. Try to keep your domain name according to your niche. It will provide a good impression on the clients.

4. Create a Website

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After taking a proper theme, you need to create a website that will be used to become a source of your affiliation program. Customize the theme according to the market demand. Create a proper landing page for catching your expected clients. Always keep in mind, your website is the door to your ultimate conversion.

5. Define a Decent Theme

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A perfect theme can give a great impression on your clients. Choose a theme that supports different competitive ingredients which ultimately boost up your affiliation. There are tons of themes out there in the market and choose a quality theme from the mess like Elegant themes, Avada, some multipurpose themes like Inspirar Pro, Simpli Pro, and so on.

6. Categorize Your Products

products category in Amazon affiliate program

All the products you are going to sell should be categorized precisely so that the visitors can find the products he is looking for. You can include sub-categories in this regard for having a fine impression. Make sure that the entire website is fully organized and visible so that the clients don’t go through any kind of hassle.

7. Make a List of the Best Products

A list can always help you to make proper decisions regarding your estimated products. It means that they will guide you to what products should you keep on your site for your clients.

8. Do Research on Keyword

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A keyword analysis is the most crucial factor for any kind of online business. Figure out the keywords which are most relevant to catch your target audience. Firstly sort out which words can be fitted as perfect keywords and put them in your writings so that when your expected visitors search by those keywords they are likely to find you on the top position on the search engine. That’s how your conversion can happen.

9. Start Writing

Writing content is one of the key things on your website. After preparing your website you just need to launch it on the web. The next thing you have to do is writing the content as much as you can on the topic that covers your niche. Try to write 1-2 quality articles in a week initially. You can write by yourself or you can hire someone who can make this happen.

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Be careful about the uniqueness of your writings, because Google rewards unique writings. Present catchy language to grab the attention of your target audiences. Always try to write on to the point and avoid unnecessary and fruitless talks so that your expected visitors will not get bored anymore.

Keep on writing at least half a year and monitor your output through analytics. That will help to assess your activity and you will learn what to do in next. Once you monetize your site consecutively and putting your best effort into it, you will see that your site performance is raising day by day. Make sure that your writings are SEO competitive so that they will help to bring organic traffic to your site.

Since you set up everything very precisely like monetize and SEO then money will start coming. Now you can go forth by investing in your content writing. In this respect, you can hire some people who can write SEO-based content for your site. Try to post at least 3-5 articles per week.

When you have established your website that is making a significant amount of revenue per month then you will easily find buyers to buy your website. In that situation two options remain for you, you can keep the site and earn your passive income, Or you can sell your website.

If you keep the website and keep developing, then it may take you a long way. On the other hand, if you are thinking of selling it you would be able to cash out instantly and make some instant bucks.

10. Link Images to Amazon

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When you use a product image on your site, you can link all your images to the Amazon site. Hence, when someone is reading one of your articles and click on the product images, it will take you to the respective product page of Amazon. This could increase the possibility of your sales volume.

11. Give Honest Reviews

Reviews are very important for selling products of any kind. It makes the products more authentic and faithful to the clients. So it’s very essential to have honest reviews of a particular product you want to sell. So try to earn some honest reviews for your products so that people will get much more interest in that particular product.

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First of all, make quality content that is solely unique in type and then use backlinks to those quality contents. This content link makes you able to catch your target audience’s interest. Ultimately, this will lead you to make a sound conversion.

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Advertising is the sole component of the business paradigm. Advertise your products on the internet on different platforms and social media. Make people curious about your products through different blogs on the web that will grow interest among your expected audience.

14. Make Your Website Look Good

The first impression is so much important as it leads someone to the next level. You can make your website looks good in different ways. For instance, you can use the proper images that can make a nice impact on your recipients.

Because, sometimes, a relevant image can tell more than a thousand words. Design and decorate your website in different ways, because, a well-decorated website can attract more people than you can imagine.

15. Include an Email Marketing Service

You can incorporate an email marketing service that has a list of emails that covers your maximum target audiences. This helps you to offer them all the promotional offers you adopt in your Amazon affiliation.

16. Post Links Regularly

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Maintaining a regular interval in posting content is important. Posting at least one or two drafts a week is a minimum. You should generate unique ideas to combine your product name in the content that doesn’t seem like only advertising.

17. Promote Worthy Products

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Before choosing products, make sure that you have analyzed the marketplace to figure out the worthy products. There are plenty of products in the Amazon affiliate program which can have sound demand in the market. The more worthy products you have on your list the more likely your products will be sold and ultimately the more commission will be added to your account.

18. Add Buy Button

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Call to action is one of the most effective ways to make the conversion through your affiliate program. It’s something that directs the clients to make any purchase of your expected products.

You can have this simply using the AzonPress plugin. AzonPress plugin could do for you, otherwise, if you don’t want to spend money, you can simply use the buy now button using simple HTML and redirect it to an Amazon affiliate link.

19. Formulate a Product Comparison Grid

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Sometimes comparison helps to make a conversion in your business. When it comes to purchasing something, usually users like to compare different products’ features before purchasing something, then they can come to a decision on a particular product.

Products could be anything, it could be digital or physical. So make sure that sometimes you need to demonstrate a comparative view of some products so that the audience would get enough support about choosing a particular product.

Moreover again, you can do this simply using the AzonPress plugin. This plugin allows you to have such an opportunity. I personally experienced different websites that the product comparison page alone can add an extra 25% to 30% income for a website.

20. Build an Email List

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Email is still a giant medium of marketing and it’s dominating as a whole marketing procedure. Build an email list for growing your business further. Therefore it’s not easy to build an email list selling the digital product. It’s way easier for physical products. In this case, you can offer some freebies to your expected audiences, then they will grab that offer in exchange for some information.

The newsletter section can be one of the most fundamental options for building an email list. This could contribute at least five to ten percent of your total income by promoting your products to your target audiences.

21. Use Quality Plugin

Plugins always minimize tasks in a particular area. For the Amazon affiliate program, you also can use plugins for making things easier. Using a quality plugin can mitigate all the hassles you have to face when you are working. There are a lot of plugins in the directory but you have to choose a quality plugin in this regard. Otherwise, it can be contrary. You can choose the AzonPress Amazon Affiliate plugin, EasyAzon could be a solution for you too.

In a nutshell,  I would say, Amazon Affiliate Marketing is a very good way to make money if you are sober about it. With the required knowledge, skills, dedication, and right attitude, you are obliged to make much revenue in no time! If you are not in the affiliate business, I think this article helped you to start your affiliate program from today. Let me know your opinion on that particular issue by commenting below.

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  1. In my experience, if somebody tells you that affiliate marketing is simple and it will take little to no effort at all to make a decent amount of cash online then they probably have something that they want to SELL TO YOU OF THEIR OWN (ie. a “get rich quick scheme” which simply doesn’t exist!) … if affiliate marketing was that simple then everybody would be making a decent income online.

    On the other side of the coin, it’s not brain surgery either. If you have been trying but haven’t generated income online as yet then you are probably doing something wrong.

    The foundation of success in affiliate marketing is beginning with the ideal affiliate programs, tools, training and support and what is explained in this article is spot on. The Amazon affiliate program is a great way to make money online, especially if you are just starting out.

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