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5 Best Free WordPress Form Builder Plugins That Come With Premium Features

A WordPress form builder plugin can escalate working productivity undoubtedly. However, before installing, you should know which avails or limitations it has.  

A plugin might be just a part of the website creation tool (WordPress), but it keeps the momentous role for users.

Perhaps you may know only the one implementation of that form plugin, and it is the contact form. But, you can embark a WordPress form plugin in various ways. Moreover, there are a ton of online form creator plugins in WordPress you can choose from.

However, I have selected the best five WordPress form builder plugins according to customer ratings as well as from my personal experience. In this article, I will show you which fields and features these plugins have as well as their limitations too.

WP Fluent FormFree + Premium AddOn
WP Forms
Limited Free + Premium
Ninja FormsFree + Premium AddOns
Caldera FormsFree + Premium AddOns
Contact Form 7Free

Now, let’s know about the five best WordPress form builder plugins. Before writing this blog, I installed these five form plugins one by one on my WordPress and created numerous forms for various purposes so that I can write here transparently.

As a WordPress form plugin user, I am trying to represent my best-acquired knowledge and approach in front of you so that you could select the best good form plugin instead of by default plugins.

Input FieldsAdvanced Features3rd Party Integration
Name FieldsHidden FieldSlack
Email AddressSection BreakZapier
Simple TextreCaptchaMailChimp
Mask InputCustom HTMLAWeber
Text AreaShort CodePaypal
Address FieldsTerms and ConditionStripe
Country ListAction HookCampaign Monitor
Numeric FieldForm Step RatingsGet Response
DropdownCheckable Grid
Radio ButtonGDPR Agreement
Check BoxSignature
Multiple ChoiceConditional Logic
Website URLEmail Notification
Password Field
Time & Date
File Upload
Image Upload
Repeat Field
File Upload
Image Upload

I exhibit these five plugins subsequently by considering their merits and user-friendly levels. 

FeaturesWP Fluent FormsWP FormsNinja FormsCaldera FormsContact Form 7
Conditional Logic
Drag and drop
Email Notification
Hidden Fields
Section Break
Short codes
Terms and Condition
GDPR Compliant
Slack Integration
Zapier Notification
Webhook Integration
Mailchimp Integration
Name Field
Email Address
Simple Text
Mask Input
Text Area
Address Fields
Country List
Numeric Field
Radio Button
Check Box
Multiple Choice
Website URL
Password Field
Time & Date
File Upload
Image Upload
Repeat Field
Custom HTML
Action Hook
Form Step
Checkable Grid
Multi-column Forms
Conditional Confirmation
Form Restrictions
Form Scheduling
Blank Form Submission Restriction
User Customized Email Notification
Team Email Notification
Form Entries Import
Form Entries Export

WP Fluent Forms 

WP Fluent Forms is undoubtedly a dynamic WordPress form plugin that can be used for any purpose.

WP Fluent Form WordPress Plugin

Whenever anyone asks me any suggestion regarding the best WordPress form builder plugins, I always recommend this particular one.

There are myriads of reasons to go for this plugin. I don’t only suggest it to pro-level users, but also recommend it to entry-level users.

This form builder plugin has come with substantial crucial features as well as with an outstanding panel.

The clean and guided UI of Fluent Forms

WP Fluent Forms WordPress plugin is unlike any other plugins as you could use it’s maximum features and fields in the free version. You decide to use the free versions of other form builder plugins. But, functions and features are less than WP Fluent Forms.

What is more, you could receive a nifty add-on by installing the premium version of this form builder plugin. Even you can use this add-on to create highly customized advanced forms.

Below, you can see the basic and advanced input fields and features you may get in the free version of WP Fluent Form plugin. 

Input fields in the free version. The dimmed fields are for premium option.
Advanced input fields in the free version. The dimmed fields are for premium option.

The most noteworthy advantage is, users can use “Conditional Logic” in the free version. “Conditional Logic” is one of the most exceptional features for WordPress form builder plugins since you can arrange a form according to your requirements using this feature.

Another point is, you can integrate your form with Slack and MailChimp, and you can grab this chance in the free version. You can enable the email notification system. Form’s layout can be changed according to the user’s purpose and requirements.

However, “Conditional Logic” is not the only feature which is available on the WP Fluent Form. You could use other indispensable features in a form which are also available in the free version. For example, “Container,” “Section Break,” “Password Field” features are also available in the free version of WP Fluent Form WordPress plugin.

If you install this online form builder plugin into your WordPress, you could realize why I am emphasizing regarding this WordPress Plugin.


WPForms is another WordPress form builder plugin. You can easily install this form builder plugin from WordPress plugins library. 

This form plugin is also approximately okay for amateur users. However, it’s functions are entirely different from other plugins.

It is not the only demerit of this plugin. The main drawback is, it offers to use only several fields and features in the free version.

However, if you decide to use its premium version, you would be able to create a superb form using this online form builder.

But as my blog is to reveal the free WordPress plugin where you can get premium features, So I would not like to espouse for this plugin.

WPForms is a user-friendly WordPress plugin, and it can represent a simple panel, nevertheless, hard to handle in some cases.

WPForms Dashboard

But, the most brutal fact is, maximum of these essential features are only available in the Pro version. 

So, I think, this form plugin is not for those, who want to get premium features in free version. 

Another drawback is, this plugin is comparatively expensive than the other WordPress form plugins.

However, Because of readers’ convenience, I want to exhibit only those features which are available in the free version of WPForms so that you can easily understand without installing this plugin into your WordPress.

WP Forms Fields

I hope, you could have realized why it is not a useful form plugin for those, who want to use the free version with premium features.

Ninja Forms

This WordPress form builder plugin is slightly different from the other available form plugins. However, though it is better than WPForms, yet, it would not be appropriate to say that this plugin is better than other WordPress form builder plugins (By considering free version’s features).

The plugin has come with a great and user-friendly panel where you can easily create your required forms.

Even it is true that an entry-level user would be able to create a form in his first attempt. 

I know that you are ready to install this plugin on your WordPress. But wait a minute. Read the next paragraph if you don’t want to be bewildered.

The main drawback is, you can not get the chance to use its maximum nifty features in the free version.

Compare the below table to figure out which fields and features are available in the free version.

Form builder, plugin
Ninja Forms

Conditional Logic” is very crucial for creating a complex form. However, Ninja forms can’t do the favor in that case because you can not use this essential feature in the free version which seems to me as demerits.

Caldera Forms

If you ask me to suggest you regarding an advanced level WordPress form plugin, then surely I will recommend to Caldera Forms. 

This form plugin has come with advanced features, and it can create any forms as it has a vast array of fields and elements.

However, before writing this blog, I installed it in my WordPress and found out that it might be complicated for entry-level users to create any required form with this plugin.

As a standard WordPress form builder plugin, it should keep some traits that would mesmerize a user to install this plugin. And I am reluctant to use the “Typical” word for this plugin as it did not consider about all users.

Caldera forms Panel

If you stare at the above picture and compare it with the other WordPress form plugins, you could simply realize it. Its bizarre dashboard could maze you if you are an entry-level form user.

Let’s see which fields and features are available in the Caldera form plugin- 

Caldera Basic Features

The most shocking news for you is that its maximum features are absent in the free version. Thereby, if you want to utilize this form, there is no way without taking its premium version.

But, I do not want to suggest you it’s premium version either since it’s maximum existing users disappointed for the overall infrastructure and they acknowledged straightforward that it is not a user-friendly plugin.

In a nutshell, below I want would manifest three prime demerits of Caldera form plugin-

  • Scantling fields and features are available in the free version.
  • Not a user-friendly form plugin.
  • The price they assigned doesn’t go with the plugin’s worth.

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is the oldest form builder plugins with enormous appreciation from end-users. But, with the pace of technological advancement, this plugin couldn’t keep itself on the track. Yet, it has some good features and a great choice for free form builder plugin.

It can manage multiple contact forms, and you can create your form easily from the dashboard without pain. Plus the customization option is quite flexible along with easily editable mail contents. Moreover, it supports Ajax-powered form submission, spam filtering and more notable features.

Now, let’s see it’s fields and features which are available in the free version- 

Contact Form 7 Dashboard


PluginsEase of UseNo. of FieldsAdvanced FeaturesOverall Rating
WP Fluent Form⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
WP Forms⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Ninja Forms⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Caldera Forms⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Contact Form 7⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

In the final point, I want to tell you that all of these five WordPress form builders plugins can work productively and able to create various types of forms.

However, if you ask me which form plugin is the best for free use where you can get the avail to use maximum premium features, then surely I will suggest you go for WP Fluent Form.

Even, if you ask which WordPress form builder plugin you should select either for free version or premium, I will also recommend for WP Fluent Form WordPress plugin.

1 new NT BG

WP Fluent Forms Pro

Try Fluent Forms today and see for yourself!

WP FluentForm Resources

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