Morning meetings: A simple hack for you for better productivity

“Morning Meeting, Children!!” Can you recall your just old days? Your teacher called everyone for this? Can you?

Have you ever find out how awesome your school days were? I am absolutely sure that you certainly do. Now, do you remember why? Yes. And more of that, this topic is going to be the matter what I will discuss in today’s blog.


Morning meeting is a fine piece of methodology. Why am I saying it fine? Because, if you remember things quite well then, you must remember the good things happened in morning meeting. Those things helped you to do the daily routine in a good shape.

Why You Need ‘Morning Meeting’ ?

You might be asking what’s in it for you or why you need this.

If you are the CEO, the office manager or the_guy_who_leads_people, you face a common problem. And the problem is working together for a common goal. You will see people working for you but, they don’t work with each other. Normally, it doesn’t seem to be a problem. But, in the long run, you will suffer the most of it.

So, here comes the morning meeting which allows your people to work effectively and efficiently as a team. Used consistently and effectively it can directly raise your profitability by improving communications and teamwork, thus reducing waste, redundancy and errors.

Moreover, some points need to be clear for it. You may notice the same thing as below :

  • Helps to make an open discussion

Morning meeting is a place where every working people talk with each other about their work. It seems that they are having an open discussion about their work. This helps people to have knowledge about their surrounding. It helps your people to be comfortable with each other easily.

Not only this, this open discussion doesn’t mean to be formal. It includes others talking about something, jokes, making fun of anyone etc.

  • Sound relation is built between people

As the people know about their surrounding, a good understanding is built among them. And this is so good for you. If your people are in a sound mood, you can see its effect on the outcome.

  • Mind Refreshing For Your People

Open discussion makes easier for your people and refreshes their mind in positive ways.

  • Equality among people

This line is used for to get the straight meaning. Yes, when you include all of your people in morning meeting, they get a positive vibe about it. They feel equally special like others.

  • Productivity

Here comes the thing what concerns the most about you (it should be though). If your people are happy, they will surely work better for you. And if they work better for you, you can get better productivity. And better productivity? You know the drill.


How much time does it need?

Since it normally takes place just before the majority of people settle into their day’s duty, this addressing should be as short as could be expected under the circumstances while staying good – 5 to 20 minutes is perfect.

A little group, say dealing with a development site, can bear the cost of a shorter meeting – as short as 5 to 7 minutes – as they will keep on working in short range during the day. A group of senior officials will require longer – 15 to 20 minutes – to cover matters of more complicated and in light of the fact that they are profoundly liable to scatter a while later (thus group activity turns out to be more troublesome).

In the event that you discover your morning meeting is routinely running longer than 30 to 45 minutes, you without a doubt need to audit your plan, and think about dumping as some subjects or sending them off to an alternate gathering for second thought.


Who Says

Every one of your team. And that’s it.


What Should You Talk?

What topic you would like to talk, depends on your people. Your topic should be relevant otherwise, you may get negative output. Here are some tips for you to talk.

  1. Activity in past day/days
  2. Plan For Today
  3. Sharing Personal Activity (Winning Story affects well)
  4. Client Update

The above topics might be on your list to talk. But, you can add more to your demand, because, everyone carries a different point of view. Just try to be on that topic (frankly, no problem solving), otherwise, your morning meeting can turn into a fish market, which you don’t want to your work.


What You Shouldn’t talk

You might be questioning why I advised being stuck to the topic. Because, when you are trying to solve a problem, it includes debate, discussion and lots of review. If you are smart enough, you might come up with this idea that it requires time.

Your morning meeting takes place for a short time and you want it to be effective. Where your demands drive the right way, others topic can take you far far away from this.

Morning Meeting is a great tool for any company. Where it deals with your people, it brings to you better productivity.

Fahim Bin Wahid

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