Top Copywriting (Psychological) Hacks for You

Today, we are going to talk about something tricky. And this post will surely get the most out of you when you are in deep need of your post to be received by the people. We’ll talk about this psychological effect in our day-to-day life. Btw, hacks are really good to come in handy. And when it comes to copywriting, it’s a blast.

People have a great effect of psychology in their lives. Human brain works in a way so that it doesn’t seem like it’s overloaded. Our brain always tries to find an effective but short way to do things. And this short way can be hacked. So, if you are following me, then you can easily guess that what we are going to talk about in this post.

Another thing to add just is that, in a case of famous bloggers, we find that they turns their word in that way that those words glitter and glitter (not literally though 😉 ). Today, you may get their secret as well as success.

Now, let’s jump into the topic.

Mysterious Truth

This mysterious truth helps our brain to make our decisions through the whole day. It acts as a short-cut procedure so that our brain doesn’t become overloaded. Now, you must know first how it works.

This tactic gives importance to those concepts or ideas which we hear again and again. The more we hear, the more trust that topic gain which leads us to a specific truth somehow.

In a research, participants were asked to rate a statement on how much they trust. In those statements, some of them were repeated and some of them were used only for once. And as a matter of extraordinary, it was found out that the statements which were repeated had gained more trust than others (the lines which used only for once).

Here, actually what happens is that when you listen to one thing repeatedly, your brain starts to believe that thing slowly. And when you listen to new things and among those you find some statements similar to each other, you start to believe automatically. Because, your brain wants to reduce the pressure as soon as it gets the chance.


(Data Source)

Words of Harmony

The words that sync together, sounds awesome together. You too know that, right? As a matter of fact that it is one of the most influential matter. The words you are using together for your post, if they comes to a harmony with each other, people seems to remember it for a longer time than the others. For a simple example boat, goat or jar, car etc. These words families are great to increase your readability.

This harmony of words catches your brain more than any non-rhyming words. And this is so good for your post.

You can see this how this simple harmony attracts the crowd by the following ads of JAGUAR in 1962.

Listing Words

Listing words is an important thing to be remembered. Here is the thing, people need to have something to remember. For that, we use short notes, make bullet points or make a short list to make post more consumable. Now let’s get to the information part, where it is placed, we can’t do anything.

For getting up from this situation, psychologist has found out that when participants hear a list of words and try to remember them immediately, they can remember the words in the start and end in comparison with the mid-list words.


Before going to the topic, you must know that your readers are important to you as well as your blogs. So, it is your duty to make them comfortable around your posts or blogs.

BYAF means “But You Are Free”. This means that in your post or blogs, you may give them a way to think. But, it shouldn’t be allowed to force them in that way literally or mentally. Your readers should feel free to refuse a request. Sounds legit, right? Yaap, It is.

So, here ends our today’s post. I hope you may find your success through it. Whatever, we’ll be happy if you feel good or get your work done by us.

Happy Copywriting 🙂

Fahim Bin Wahid


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