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Top 10 Alternatives to Stripe Payment Gateway

It is already clear that future transactions will soon move towards digitalization. Payment gateways of the current times are already setting themselves ahead in the game while making our daily life significantly smoother. Stripe stands out in this and so far proven itself the best payment gateway. Payment gateways play an important role in making […]

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8 GiveWP WordPress Donation Plugin Alternatives

In our hectic daily schedule, we hardly get time to do something for others. But amidst all this hustle and bustle, non-profit organizations are relentlessly trying to help people in need. In order to run a non-profit organization, and reach out to more people to promote the noble deed, a WordPress donation plugin is indispensable. […]

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Steps to Collect Online Donations

Today, a growing number of internet users have made it accessible for people to take part in online donations. Needless to say, fundraising has never been this easy as it is now. There was a time where you had to meet the person face to face to collect a donation. Prolonged administration paperwork and a […]

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7 WP Simple Pay Alternatives

Have you been using WP Simple Pay for all your online transactions? Then you already know it is a free Stripe Payment Plugin that is easily set up on your WordPress site. This plugin doesn’t just come with simple and fast activation, but it also reduces the hassles of setting up complex shopping carts. In […]

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Should You Get a Pro Product Under GNU GPL?

GNU GPL is a popular license for open-source and free software. The movement began with a view of giving users more freedom regarding the operation and distribution of a tool. However, we can see some deviation of the standard in some cases while applying the rules. Although the license is meant for free software and […]

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Social Media for Business | A Game-changing Factor

Is anyone still asking why you need social media for business? Well, it’s not a question with a brief answer. But for starters, let’s get three facts straight.  Social platforms will engage you with more customers Expand your brand value, and Skyrocket your sales With the rise of social networking for business, big brands and […]

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