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7 Best Product Review Plugins for WordPress

Do you want to know everything about the product review plugin for WordPress? But why do you need that? Whether people are under a lockdown or living a regular life, online shopping is the most common form of buying something these days. Digital shopping is literally at our fingertips, and we have everything inside a […]

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Impact of COVID-19 on Global Payment Gateways

The possible global impact of COVID-19 is crystal clear and the after-effects will be quite destructive. Coronavirus has already been declared to be more than a disease; it is a serious crisis around the globe. And we don’t even know how long this outbreak will last. The United Nations Development programme stated that ‘’The COVID-19 […]

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Interesting Facts About Stripe

Thinking about getting the best out of your online business?  Have you ever wondered why companies like Reddit, Instacart, Udemy, and many other successful companies use Stripe? Why are tools like Slack, iOS, Intercom connected with Stripe support? Well, the reasons behind this are pretty interesting because so many powerful companies have one thing in […]

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Which Version of PayPal should I Use?

If I ask you to name the top three robust payment gateways,  you can’t name them without mentioning PayPal to the top of the list. It’s a well-known fact that PayPal is the most popular Payment Gateway in the world right now. It has over 350 million active user accounts to date and is still […]

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