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How to Embed Google Sheets Into Your Online Data Tables

  • Connect Google Sheets
  • Create spreadsheet
  • Paste URL
  • Select entry fields
  • All done!
  • Some extra bits
Google Sheets data table

Reading data from a spreadsheet is not always appealing. Hear us out if you care about your users and want to show the data from your Google Sheet in your WordPress site as a table. In this article, we will discuss the short and easy way of making that happen. Adding Google Sheets data table to a WordPress post/page can be one of the driving factors behind a successful website.

With Ninja Tables Google Sheets integration, you can embed the sheet’s data into WordPress sites quickly. Your visitors will feel more comfortable viewing information from a structured table layout. The best part is the process is quite easy, which means you are only a few clicks away from it!

Here we have a simple 5-steps tutorial for you. But, first of all, make sure you have two things-

  • Already existing data in Google Sheets
  • Ninja Tables WordPress table plugin

Ninja Tables with Google Sheets data table

For demonstration purposes, we are using Ninja Tables because it’s the most intuitive and easy-to-use table plugin in the market. Follow these steps below to integrate a Google Sheets data table in your online tables.

Step 1: Connect Google Sheets

From your WordPress dashboard, go to Ninja Tables and click on “Add Table”. The pop-up window will show several options to create a table on the left menu bar.

Go for the “Connect Google Sheets” option.

Ninja Tables Google Sheets data table

Here, you can name your table and enter the URL of the Google Sheet. For example, we named our table “Employee Sheets Data”.

The “Data Source URL” box is for the spreadsheet link you will get after publishing. Scroll down for the next steps to know how it works.

Step 2: Create spreadsheet

We made a spreadsheet beforehand and named it “Employee Sheet”. To get the URL of this datasheet, you need to publish it first.

Google Sheets data table online

Go to the datasheet you want on your website. Here we used the “Employee Sheet” data as a sample. Now click on File>>Publish to the web.

Follow this illustration down below.

embed Google Sheets data table with table plugin

You will get a pop-up box like this one down here.

In the “Link” section, select “Sheet 1”, and then move onto the “Embed” option.

table plugin with Google Sheets data table

After you click on “Embed”, select “Comma-Separated values (.csv)” from the dropdown list.

Google Sheets data table in Ninja Tables

You can now proceed to publish, but there’s one more thing left to do.

The option “Published content & settings” will show a select-box. Click on that to “Automatically republish when changes are made”. Therefore, whenever you change the sheet’s data, it will appear in your posts on its own.

embed Google Sheets data table

Once you’re done with everything here, go for the “Publish” button.

Step 3: Paste URL

A URL will appear after you publish the sheet. Copy that link and go back to the Ninja Tables dashboard.

integrate Google Sheets data table

Paste the copied link on the “Data Source URL” box, as shown below. Then, hit “Next”.

embed Google Sheets data table in website

Step 4: Select entry fields

Select the entry fields you want to display on your table. In our example, we selected all columns. Then proceeded to click “Save”.

Google Sheets data table with Ninja Tables Pro

Step 5: All done!

That’s it!

Right after you go for the “Save” option, Ninja Tables will make a table with the Google Sheet you just published.

Ninja Tables Google Sheets data table integration

Some extra bits…

  • If you want to add new data in the sheet, you can always go back and edit. All changes will appear on the table within a 5 minutes pause. That’s because Google updates the datastore every 5 minutes.
  • After creating the table, you can customize it as much as you want using all the Ninja Tables features. Similarly, you can edit the entry fields and update the settings.
Google Sheets data table by Ninja Tables
  • Finally, to display the spreadsheet’s data on your website, hover over the shortcode and click to copy. Then paste it anywhere in your content.

Finishing note

Spreadsheets don’t always go easy on the eyes. But with a WordPress table plugin, you can make the data presentation a lot more attractive. The 5-steps process we just explained is literally a no-hassle task to embed Google Sheets in WordPress data tables.

We showed the steps with Ninja Tables because even a beginner with no coding knowledge can use it! The data table you make from spreadsheets using this plugin can show up on your WordPress content with custom colors, CSS, and further configuration.

For more details, watch our tutorial video on importing Google Sheets data to WordPress.

Engage your website visitors with a beautiful data table and stay ahead in the race. You can also check out “How to Embed Online Data Tables in WordPress Posts/Pages“.

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