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Theme options are additional features to handle the theme more precisely. SimpliPro Theme comes with a very powerful Theme Options panel based on Redux Framework. After the theme is installed you can access this panel by logging into the WordPress dashboard and clicking on SimpliPro Options.
theme options SimpliPro wpmanageninja
Theme Options
theme options SimpliPro wpmanageninja
Theme Options
Saving changes

After you have made some changes in the panel, please don’t forget to click the “Save Changes” button located both in the bottom and top section of the panel.

Restoring default settings

To restore default settings of some particular section you may click the “Reset Section” button that will bring back the default values for that particular section you have opened. If you want to reset the whole panel, go ahead and click the “Reset All” button.

Notice: Before leaving the ‘Theme Options/simplipro Options’ tab make sure to click the ‘Save changes’ button at the top of the panel, otherwise your changes will be lost.

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