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wordpress plugins

WPLegalPages – A Powerful WordPress Privacy Policy Plugin For Creating Legal Pages On WordPress Website

You must have finalized a striking theme for your website and would have also hired the best professionals to develop a platform for your brand. Even if you’re developing it on your own, most probably, you aren’t going to leave any stone unturned in coming up with the best website. However, amidst everything, there are […]

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How To Create A WooCommerce Product List View

Online stores have become more nifty mediums for this contemporary time, and it is likely. Since individuals avoid to visit shop physically, so online purchasing has become a regular behavior. Why not? Consumers have much flexibility in online purchasing. For instance, a consumer could find out his desired product within just one click. Moreover, he […]

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10+ Best WordPress Plugins You Must Not Miss

WordPress is undoubtedly the best ever CMS we have seen so far thanks to its amazing user-friendly experience and a wide variety of options. And that’s why more and more people are joining the community either as a developer or a user. The true beauty of WordPress lies in its capability of turning a non-developer […]

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Ninja Tables VS TablePress | a Comparative Study

Undoubtedly, WordPress is the most comprehensive CMS platform these days, but due to having some limitations, WordPress comes with plugins to resolve those issues. Creating dynamic tables is one of the complex issues in WordPress because by default users can’t create any table without raw coding. Though Gutenberg has introduced a way to create basic tables […]

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Best Ways to Administer Food Recipes

Quite a few numbers of people like to cook, maybe the number has changed a bit as of the pandemic going on. Among them, a few of them like me have taken it as a hobby since they cook when they get any time apart from their regular day to day activities. Some of them […]

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