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Offering a Discount

In any kind of business, offering discounts is a lucrative policy adopted by business owners to achieve maximum coverage of revenue. It’s a sheer policy which is used to boost up the business growth in particular. This policy exercises in order to encourage consumers to go through with a buying process. This policy can be enhanced by […]

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Call by a Visitor’s Name

It seems that when someone enters a site as a visitor, a popup comes with a request for submitting an email to register or something like that, at that time maximum visitors get irritated by the opt-in process. The reason for this annoyance is not that they are just for advertisements, rather they are usually far […]

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Exclude Categories From RSS Feed

If you want to exclude some categories from your WordPress site, how would you do it? The answer is pretty simple, just use the Ultimate Category Excluder plugin. Having activation go to the Settings, then click on the Category Excluder for configuring plugin settings. Next, you will have a plugin set up page. Then, you have to […]

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Adding Category Icon in WordPress

By default, WordPress doesn’t show the category image or icon on your post page. But you can add your own if you just add Taxonomy Images plugin on your site. Just install and activate the plugin first. Then go to the plugin area and click on the Settings option and click on the Taxonomy Images […]

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Adding Facebook Thumbnail image

Usually, Facebook pick featured image as a thumbnail image from the article which you shared or someone shared. But, sometimes it may take a random image from your article that is not comfortable all the time. By using Yoast Seo Plugin, you can fix the problem in a proper way. To implement this, you have […]

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Adding Multiple Authors in a Post

If one of your posts has been created by one more author, how can you give them credit for a single post? WordPress allows its user to give credit to a single user for a post. It means by default, posts are assigned to a single author. But you can give credits to multiple authors […]

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Setting Up a Custom Home Page in WordPress

In WordPress, by default, your posts are shown on the homepage on your website. You can change it on your own according to your choice. Now, how can you make this custom home page for your website? Well, to make it happened, Take a look at a practical example of making it more clear to you. […]

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What is Protocol on the Web?

A protocol is a collection of rules used by computers that are combined, or networked collectively, which define how the computers interact or communicate with one other. In internet protocol, all the connections are made through by an internet. There are various protocols that manage interplays at multiple levels in the networked computing environment we know […]

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Adding Custom Default Gravatar

Gravatar is used to display the user profile images in WordPress. It is the most popular medium to show a profile picture to identify oneself. Without a gravatar, WordPress uses a default image called ‘Mystery Person’. The gravatar image will appear many times in the comment section of your post and other section by default lots […]

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Limit the User Login

By default, a WordPress user can have an unlimited number of attempts to log-in to a WordPress site. This facilitates hackers to try guessing your password until they get it right. It can cost your important documents at any time and that will hamper your functional stability. To resolve this problem a super WordPress plugin has introduced […]

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