How to Render a chart in the Frontend by Shortcode with Ninja Charts

Ninja Charts brings you awesome features that will enable you to create a wide range of charts & graphs on your website.  Its JavaScript-based chart rendering engine makes the chart creation process easier than ever.

As you already know how to create charts & graphs using Ninja Charts. Now let’s show you how to Render a chart on the front-end using Shortcode.

Make sure you have completed all the previous steps, which is up to the Formatting & Preview step.

Then the plugin will automatically generate a short-code for a single chart, that you can embed on any page or post to show the respective data.

So in the last step which is the Save & Shortcode, you just need to copy and paste the shortcode on any page or post you like. Then you’re good to go!

Make sure you click the Finish button to complete the chart creation process.

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