Troubleshooting FAQ

1. Why can’t I save my menu?

WordPress by default has a limited number of menu items. When you import our demo content, which contains a lot of menu items, you might not be able to save changes you make to a menu. You can fix this problem by contacting your hosting and asking them to add the following lines to the php.ini file:

2. Why is there a smiley displayed on blank pages?

This problem is most likely related to JetPack and memory settings of your hosting. You can either disable JetPack or read what the JetPack developer wrote: Regarding the memory limit, please refer to the WordPress Codex section concerning this problem. Some sites that load many plugins alongside WordPress ultimately require a higher memory limit than WordPress defaults to, but since this is limited to specific hosts and configurations, it must be dealt with on an individual basis. You’ll find the Codex article at

3. How do I optimize my site?

Please use this tool to investigate reasons for slow loading:

4. How to translate or rename default theme labels?

You can use the Poedit software ( to translate/rename all the theme’s labels. Another solution is to edit the theme folder/languages/en_US.po file directly in a text editor and manually edit the labels you want to translate.

5. Why do I see a white screen when importing demo content?

If you get a white screen or some other error when trying to import our demo content, this probably happens because of the maximum execution time limit or max upload file size. You need to increase the maximum execution time (upload time) setting of your web server. The default maximum execution time on web servers is 30 seconds. Please increase it to 120 seconds. Also you may have to increase a limitation of Upload File Size with your Hosting Provider to Max Upload File Size. Possible ways of achieving this are:

  • By Wp-config.php changes – set_time_limit(120);
  • In htaccess – php_value max_execution_time 120;
  • In php.ini file – max_execution_time = 120

Ask your hosting provider to take care of this for you.


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