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In Pricing Table Builder you can highlight any of the contents you want to highlight through featuring any specific content column. Pricing Table Builder plugin allows you to make the featured content from the contents in the pricing table according to your choice. To make this happen, just go to the ELEMENTS section and choose the desired content from them. Click on the respective content slider as I choose Business content to make it as featured content.

Then you will have the several options in the right sidebar. Click on the first option named FEATURED COLLUM and make it enable.

Then automatically, the selected content would be a featured content according to your own need. It means if you wish to have any specific content slider to be featured, you can make this way showed above in the description.

There is an option named Ribbon which contains a featured text. You can change the text as well by clicking the Ribbon option.

Click on the Ribbon option, then a custom slider will open containing the existing text.

Then type the desired text in the input field to show as a featured text on the top.

Then everything will be done for creating a featured content slider. Have a close look at the preview.

This is how you can create a content slider fully featured.

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