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wp fluent form

Upgrade to WP Fluent Forms Pro Add-on

Though WP Fluent Forms free version comes with numerous features and functionalities, some are reserved for the Pro Add-on. To enable these features, upgrade WP Fluent Form with its Pro Add-on. Here is how you can upgrade WP Fluent Forms.  *Please note that this video was recorded with our previous version , we are going to […]

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Getting Started with WP Fluent Forms

Welcome to WP Fluent Forms documentation. It is the most advanced responsive WordPress Form builder plugin that enables users to create and manage beautifully designed online forms that are highly customizable and efficient. The wide array of input fields, integrations, and pre-built form templates of WP Fluent Form offers you to create contact forms, surveys, […]

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Conditional Confirmation Message in WP Fluent Forms WordPress Plugin

Although not mandatory, it is a good UX practice to let users confirm their actions on your website. Along with that, sometimes users need to be informed if particular conditions were or weren’t met when filling up the form. We have already enabled you to confirm submission by users whenever someone fills up a form. […]

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Integrate Slack with WP Fluent Form WordPress Form Builder Plugin

You can integrate your Slack account with your WP Fluent Forms to make team sharing easier. Here you will have a clear idea of how to make a slack integration with WP Fluent Forms.  Start by enabling the slack module from the Fluent Forms (Pro) modules. Select the form you want to integrate slack […]

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Form Layout Settings in WP Fluent Forms WordPress Plugin

WP Fluent Forms has a powerful layout setting. The basic customizations of how your form looks can be set from this option. The position of the input field label alignment, help message placement, error message placement can be defined from Form Layout Settings. *Please note that this video was recorded with our previous version , […]

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How to Create a Form with WP Fluent Forms WordPress Plugin

With WP Fluent Forms, you can create beautiful and responsive online forms with just a few clicks. Go through the following steps: *Please note that this video was recorded with our previous version , we are going to upload video tutorial with the current version very soon Click on the New Form button on your […]

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