It is safe to say that online forms were once way too much vulnerable to spamming. But not anymore! Along with spammers, the good guys have evolved over time and various anti-spamming tools are already in action as we browse the internet everyday.

That’s why, WP Fluent Form comes with the state-of-the-art anti-spamming tool reCAPTCHA and promises to keep on upgrading and adding more anti-spamming tools as soon as they roll out.

And there is one more very effective trick that might stop bots and spams auto-filling your forms and piling up on your entries list. If you are a subscriber-based service, you can easily turn your forms into “Members Only” exclusive forms by turning on the “Require user to be logged in” option in Form settings. This way, your forms will be visible to your logged in users only, and not to unregistered bots and spams.

And not only bots, keep your forms safe from annoying real humans as well! Just use the “Empty Submission Blocking” feature, so that the blank submission forms can be thwarted even before they enter your entries list and bother you with unnecessary hassles.

All The Premium Features In One Place!

Don’t want to bore your users with long forms? Use our Step Forms feature to fragment your form and make it an attractive one!