Now and then, often you might need to restrict the form submission only to a certain amount of users or for a certain amount of time. Suppose, you are taking in registration applications for a limited time exclusive webinar for just 100 people. In that case, you definitely need to make sure that no more than 100 people register for the program, and that too within a certain period of time. To fulfill such purposes, WP Fluent Form comes with Form Scheduling and Restricted Form Submission feature.

As WP Fluent Form was designed keeping in mind each and every possible scenarios and purposes you might need to fulfill while building a form, the Form Scheduling and Restriction feature was built as flexibly as possible. And along with that, it was made sure that the whole process doesn’t feel like a complex one, but can be dealt easily.

With WP Fluent Form’s Form Scheduling feature, you can set the time from when the form submission opens for your users, if your users need to be logged in to fill up the form, what welcome/countdown message needs to be shown prior to the form activation period, and what message to show once the activation date expires. And all of these can be set up in just a couple of minutes!

Similarly, you can also limit the number of users that can fill up the form daily, weekly, monthly, or in total.

These features certainly saves you a huge amount of time and coding effort, so that you can focus more on your actual work rather than wasting time setting up the form itself.

Whereas, in most of the Form Plugins available, Form Scheduling and Form Restrictions are considered as Premium Features. But in WP Fluent Form, you can enjoy this feature in our free version!

So, why wait to smarten up?

All The Premium Features In One Place!

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