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WooCommerce Product Table

  • Display all your products in a responsive, well-ordered, and customer-engaging table

  • Make an inventory-style table that’s perfect for large data, big store, clothing, restaurants, eCommerce, and more

  • Connect your existing WooCommerce store and turn it into a table for displaying the products painlessly

  • Let your users search, filter, and find the item they need from the table without unlimited scrolling through pages
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Do you want to install Ninja Table Pro?

WooCommerce integration is one of the smartest features of NinjaTables. Now you can connect your stores and display all the products in a simple table no matter how large the store is. Customers can search through a list of well-organized data instead of looking after pages.


Get it free

Choose NinjaTables and pay for a bunch of cutting-edge, modern, intuitive, and brilliant features. While other plugins built on WooCommerce functionality only, NinjaTables include it as a built-in feature.

Connect your stores

Display all your products in one single table so that users don’t have to feel it excruciating to find an item from your store. A table can be the best solution over the web pages because tables are easier to deal with.

Flexible across devices

Tables built with NinjaTables face no problem displaying on multiple devices and platforms. Users from mobile phones and other handheld devices can view the tables sharply and make all the actions without any trouble.

Conditional column formatting

Want to control the columns? NinjaTables gives you a lot of easy and enthralling options and one of them is conditional column formatting. With this feature, one can control data for a specific column and select color for it.

Intuitive page builder

While other plugins work based on shortcodes, NinjaTables comes up with an elegant page builder. Anyone can create a table effortlessly by choosing the different options. A no-brainer solution for all-level users.

Add images and videos

Product tables can’t be complete without the image of the items. To persuade customers, images are vital elements. While turning your WooCommerce store into a table, add all the media to it.

Do you want to install Ninja Table Pro?


At first, I tried NinjaTables free version and fell in love with its amazing features and easy-to-use options. It took me a little time to turn into a pro user. And, I must say, it worth my money, totally.

Especially the integration features made me feel happy among all the other features. Because I use WooCommerce, I wanted an easy way to glean and show all products from a single table. Thanks to NinjaTables for making life easier with such a beautiful solution.

Single Site License

A great starting place for individual users who manage One WordPress Website


Agency License

Perfect for both freelancers and agencies. You can activate up to 20 Websites.


Unlimited Lifetime License

Perfect for both freelancers and agencies. You can activate up to Unlimited Websites.