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Conditional Column Formatting

  • With conditional column formatting, you can have more control over your columns and your table, as well

  • Also, you can customize the cells based on a column and organize as the way you want

  • It’s the most advanced feature which is not available with all the table plugins of the market
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Among a list of sophisticated features of NinjaTables, Conditional Column Formatting is a pivotal one. With this option, you can have more control over the table columns and inserted data. Let’s accomplish more by setting up the condition over the columns and cells.


Access from multiple places

Choose NinjaTables and pay for a bunch of cutting-edge, modern, intuitive, and brilliant features. While other plugins built on WooCommerce functionality only, NinjaTables include it as a built-in feature.

As many conditions as you need

Tables built with NinjaTables face no problem displaying on multiple devices and platforms. Users from mobile phones and other handheld devices can view the tables sharply and make all the actions without any trouble.

Control the cells too

Even though the feature titled as conditional column formatting you can set the condition to the cells, as well. Columns are the pillars and cells are customizable based on the columns.

Personalize your table appearance

By default, there are as more options NinjaTables has as no other table plugins offer. Even with the free version, you’ll get a lot of wonderful features whilst the pro version will simply mesmerize you.

Set color to a specific cell

This feature also allows you to set a particular color to a cell. Not only that, you can change text color and background color of a cell. You can even make an effect on an entire row.

Easy to set up

Although conditional column formatting is a technical action anyone can do this without any prior coding knowledge. Our documentation will teach you how to set it up easily.

Do you want to install Ninja Table Pro?


I started with the free version, at first. Then, I realized the pro version updates regularly along with a great number of sophisticated features. I especially got benefits from conditional column formatting. It’s because I can set several parameters by using this feature.

Amidst the other popular table builder plugins, NinjaTables is simply best. People in my team, with no coding skill, can easily create modern tables for products, directories, members, and many different purposes. Get this amazing product now. It must be a good investment.

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