WP Pricing Table Pro – The Best Pricing Table Builder Plugin for WordPress

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  • Version 1.0.0
  • WordPress 4.5 or higher
  • WP Pricing Table 1.0.0 or higher
  • Last Update 05 Aug 2018

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Creating beautiful Responsive Pricing Tables in your WordPress websites has never been easier. WPManageNinja introduces WP Pricing Table plugin to boost your online business and convert website visitors into satisfied clients! You have a well-crafted product or service, and a website to showcase those. And the pricing of your service is well-deserving to your quality of work. How do you present this pricing in an effective way so that potential visitors convert to your loyal customers? Here is where the idea of Pricing Tables swoops in. Pricing Tables are a powerful tool for business owners and their clients to close a deal. On one hand, it helps business owners present their pricing; and on the other hand, it helps users a lot to make an informed and well-thought decision by comparing different offers side-by-side. Unlike a brick-and-mortar store, online businesses have a very limited window of interacting with their users. And online businesses should grab on to every opportunities they can have their hands on. And this communications should be as meaningful as possible! No users have the time to read through a 1500+ words long product description before making a purchase. It is YOUR job as a business owner to convey to potential users and clients so that they can make an informed decision easily. The smoother the communication, the better! As we are venture dedicated to solving real life problems users face everyday, this plugin was on top of our priority list. Users of our previous products "Ninja Tables" designed some beautiful Pricing Tables with our plugin, and we thought why not develop a plugin for that specific purpose! And that is why, WP Pricing Table is the most user-friendly and efficient WordPress Pricing Table plugin you will get to see.

Features list:

  • Grid and Columns layout types
  • 100% Mobile optimized and It will work on any device
  • Predefined Skins
  • Unlimited color on the tables
  • 5 predefined column elements that can be arranged and customized to get the perfect look
  • Arranging columns’ sections via drag and drop
  • Customize each column individually
  • Make any column as featured and it will have ribbon
  • Set Ribbon Texts and customization
  • Flat/Radius Border type style
  • Switch the border of the columns
  • Customize the font size, colors, icons of each features.
  • Add Pricing Table features with it's icon, text and hint texts
  • Show Price caption along with beautifully designed buttons
  • Linking the Button to the required product/cart page

Premium Features

  • Unlimited color
  • Customized column color
  • Multiple layouts to choose from
  • 3+ columns Pricing Table
  • Hide/Show any sections
  • Premium skins
  • Customised primary color
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